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BB Cream: The All-in-One Miracle

Blemish Balm Cream, or BB Cream, is a 3-in-1 skincare and make-up product which gained popularity in Korea. Originating from Germany, this cream is used by dermatologists for recovery treatments following laser skin surgery. Now recognized throughout Europe and the United States, the BB Cream is a revolutionary product which simplifies and improves one’s beauty experience. What does this product do, exactly, and what makes it interesting?

The BB Cream has multiple functions, which makes it both innovative and practical:
Skincare: it moisturizes and hydrates the skin, on top of acting as sunscreen for UV protection. Its skin-regenerating capabilities prevent wrinkles and improve the condition of one’s skin over time.
Make-up: it is a primer and foundation, known to offer coverage by hiding imperfections and evening out the skin tone. It makes skin look flawless and all-natural, which corresponds to the Korean woman’s beauty ideal. The BB Cream simplifies the daily make-up routine, by reducing the number of products used and by considerably shortening the time of application.

Korean brands known for their BB Creams include Etude House, Missha and best-selling brand Skin79. The cream has recently been released by a number of brands in Europe and America such as Estée Lauder, Lancôme, MAC, Clinique and Maybelline. We recommend Erborian‘s BB Crème, approx £34.00 (available for purchase online): based on the medicinal ginseng plant, it guarantees perfect coverage and softer, healthier skin.

Like every beauty product, the BB Cream does have its downfalls: it originally caters to the Korean public, and mainly comes in shades suited for fair skin; additionally, its availability is rather limited in the UK. Nonetheless, we at JolieBox think that the BB Cream is unique, healthier for our skin and satisfying, whether blended with other products or used on its own. We cannot wait for this cream to develop even further.

What are your thoughts on BB Cream?