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You’re Painting Your Nails All Wrong!

When a whole host of new nail colours arrived from French nail polish brand, Soigné, at The Birchbox Shop this month, we knew it was time for us to up our nail game. For something that we’ve been doing since we were kids, it’s amazing to think that many of us still haven’t nailed that perfect at-home mani (see what we did there?!). So, if the struggle to achieve glossy, salon-standard nails at home is real then read on for our top 5 game changers…

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A less than perfect result often comes from not taking the proper time to prep your nails before you start! It might add an extra few minutes to your routine but starting with a base coat helps your polish to go on smoothly and means it has something to adhere to – which could add an extra couple of days to your mani’s life in the long run! Now, all that’s left to do is choose your colour!


If, like us, your nail application can be ever-so-slightly messy, then use a cotton bud to apply a little Vaseline to the skin around your nails. This creates a barrier between the polish and your skin and means that you don’t have to correct your mistakes with nail polish remover afterwards (and inevitably remove half of your carefully applied mani in the process!). Simply wipe off the petroleum jelly AND any nail polish mistakes with some tissue once your nails are dry.

However patchy your polish seems to be going on do not – we repeat, DO NOT! – be tempted to blob on thick layers of the stuff to build up the opacity. All you need for an even coat of polish is three THIN strokes of polish – start at the base of the nail then stroke the brush to the left, then to the right, and then straight down the centre of the nail. Ta-da! Follow with a second coat, using the same technique, and your nails will look like they’ve been tended to by a pro.

If you’re anything like us, as soon as you’re preparing to paint your nails you’re likely to give that nail polish bottle a good old shake (don’t ask us why, it must be beauty instinct!). But, this shake can actually create bubbles in your bottle of polish which can transfer onto your nails and cause that patchy application that we all hate. Instead, give the nail polish bottle a gentle roll back and forth between your hands if the formula’s in need of a little mix. This will help it to go on smoothly without the risk of air pockets forming.


Speed up the drying process by running the cold tap and holding your hands under the flow once you’ve finished your mani. Alternatively, keep a bowl of ice water on-hand and dip your fingertips in for a touch-dry mani in moments.

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– Mica Kelly

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