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Your Summer Wedding Hair Recovery Guide

Spending summer days relaxing poolside or unwinding by the seaside (slathered in sunscreen, of course) may put our bodies and minds at ease before wedding season arrives but, unfortunately, it does not have the same effect on our strands. The sun, salt, and humidity (to name just a few) can wreak havoc on our tresses, leaving them thirsty, dull, and weak — exactly what you don’t want when trying to achieve your dream wedding day hair. To get your hair back in tip top shape and ready for that walk down the aisle, try these summer hair recovery tips.

Hair Woe: Brittle Strands

After countless hours under the sun your strands can feel fragile, crunchy, and appear to be on the verge of splitting (yikes!). To help bring parched locks back to life, ditch your regular conditioner and swap in a hydrating hair mask. Hair masks have a higher concentration of conditioning ingredients, which work overtime to give your dry, damaged hair a stronger dose of hydration, ultimately strengthening strands over time. We love Bumble and bumble. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre-Shampoo Masque which helps retain hair’s moisture, strengthen strands, and leave hair feeling easier to manage. Whichever hair mask you reach for, be sure to leave it on for at least ten minutes to allow the moisturising ingredients to fully penetrate. For even more moisture, add an oil to the mix. Apply it to freshly washed, towel-dried hair to increase hydration levels even further. We like Bumble and bumble. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil for its heat- and UV-protecting formula.

Hair Woe: Swimmer’s Hair

Not sure why your blonde turns green after a few dips in the pool? The offender is likely your strands’ reaction to the chlorine and hard metals like copper and iron that live in the pool water. Essentially, dyed strands are very porous, meaning they act like a sponge, absorbing anything with which they come into contact. When swimming, these heavy metals and chlorine enter your hair shaft, depositing a small amount, which oxidises and can turn strands into a funky shade of green. To remove the yellowish green tint at home, try mixing 1/4 to 1/2 cup of baking soda into a few tablespoons of water to form a paste. Once the paste is formed, coat the affected areas with the mixture, massaging it in. Rinse with clean, cool water and repeat as necessary.

Hair Woe: Extra Oily Scalp

A grease-stricken scalp is unavoidable when temps hit an all-time high. Not only does sweat drip down your face and neck, but your roots get extra oily too. While we know you may get the urge to wash more frequently to remove sweat, grit, and grime, it’s actually better to use a dry shampoo in between washes to avoid further drying out your strands. Dry shampoo soaks up that extra oil and leaves your roots feeling clean sans water (read: no stripping). We love Bumble and bumble. Pret-a-Powder for its ultra-fine powder formula that absorbs excess grease without adding texture that can weigh hair down. Quick tip: shake gently around your hairline and nape of your neck, and massage in with your fingertips to freshen up throughout the day.

Hair Woe: Irritated Scalp

Even with meticulous SPF application, sunburns can happen. Slathering on some aloe and avoiding direct sunlight can help repair the burns on your body, but when your scalp gets sunburned, it’s a little more complicated. To soothe a scorched scalp, place a cold compress soaked in whole milk for 5-10 minutes on the burned area. Milk contains enzymes that have anti-inflammatory properties to speed up the healing process and reduce redness and irritation. When washing your hair in the following days, put aside your harsh hair cleansers and coloured shampoos, and reach for those with calming ingredients that won’t further irritate your scalp situation. Then, skip the heat styling in favour of air-drying. The Bumble and bumble. Don’t Blow It Hair Styler is packed with plant-based conditioners that will help your strands to stay soft, hydrated, and beautifully textured without a hairdryer in sight.

Hair Woe: Frizz

Though taming frizz is a problem we hope to solve all year-round, it tends to be a more of an issue during extreme heat and humidity. To reduce frizz and keep flyaways at bay, make sure your tresses are moisturised and coated in a hydrating hair oil or cream. These work to penetrate the hair shaft and close the cuticle, which makes locks less susceptible to unwanted moisture seeping in — the culprit of dreaded frizzies. We like Bumble and bumble. Curl Defining Creme for its nourishing blend of Brazilian oils, not to mention its delicious fruit-floral scent.