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How To: Check Your Boobs

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so, in honour of this amazing cause, we’ve teamed up with CoppaFeel! to raise awareness. Education is at the heart of everything that CoppaFeel! do and we want to spread their message on the importance of getting to know your boobs throughout the month. Here’s exactly what you should be looking and feeling for when you lather up…


Know what is normal for you

Being breast aware simply means knowing what is normal for your boobs, as girls they will naturally change as part of your cycle each month (if you have periods). It is important to get to know the normal rhythm of your boobs so you will detect anything unusual quickly.

Look and Feel

Many of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer are changes you would only notice by looking at the appearance of your boobs. Cop a feel and take a look during your checks.

Check regularly

Boob checking should be a monthly habit, so that you will notice any unusual changes quickly. By checking on a regular basis, you will also build confidence of knowing what is normal for you each month. Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t worry if you’re not feeling confident straight away.

Collarbone and armpits

Breast tissue isn’t only found in your boobs. It reaches all the way up to your collarbone and underneath your armpit so this whole area should be checked each time too. This is the same for both men and women.

If in doubt, get it checked out

Your doctor is the only person who can refer you for further examination so visit your doctor after a week of monitoring the symptom if it doesn’t go away.

Cop a feel once a month either in the shower, when you are getting dressed, or lying down in bed – just make it part of your normal routine.