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How To: Update Your Beauty Routine For Autumn

Little known fact: the way you rejig your wardrobe when cooler weather arrives should be similar to how you approach your beauty routine from season to season. A couple of times a year, it’s important to switch out the products that aren’t ideal for the current weather. Here are our top tips from transitioning your routine from the late summer heat into that crisp autumn chill.

Change up your moisturiser

Generally, skin tends to be a bit more oily during the summer months so you might not need to moisturise as much. But, when brisker temperatures arrive it might be time to reach for a slightly heavier moisturiser like Lumene’s Intense Hydration 24H Moisturizer. It contains Arctic spring water and Nordic birch sap for all-day hydration. Similarly, adding a serum into the mix – like the Lumene Nordic C [Valo] Glow Boost Essence -is a great lightweight option that will boost moisture while adding brightness.

Get your scrub on

A skin-sloughing product is the best way to treat parched, flaky skin and stimulate natural oil production during drier months. For your face, try a gentle option like the Gallinée Face Mask & Scrub and for tough spots like elbows and your feet we like the Daily Concepts Your Exfoliating Gloves used in conjunction with a Rituals Foaming Shower Gel.

Switch your scent

If you’re anything like us, summer will have you spritzing on sweet, sunshine-y fragrances – with plenty of juicy tropical notes, hints of fresh florals, and plenty of zest. However, as the days draw in, why not reach for a cosier perfume to reflect those after-dark vibes? The NUXE Eau de parfum Le Soir des Possibles is the perfect in-between season scent with tangy blackcurrant marking the last signs of summer and heady notes of jasmine and patchouli lending a seductive edge. Embracing some of our favourite things about cold weather season (sweet treats and hot chocolate!), Hugo Boss BOSS The Scent Intense For Her combines yummy vanilla, roasted cocoa, and honeyed peach for a truly decadent fragrance.

Swap your colour palette

We’re all about having fun with make-up so you should feel free to rock a berry lip in the height of summer or sun-kissed skin on the darkest winter nights – you do you! However, there’s something about switching out the glosses and pastel tints for deeper hues and more pigmented products that give us serious autumn vibes. If you’re not ready to go for a full-on plum pout then try the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Cushion in Splendor Chic which delivers soft-touch colour with a nourishing formula. Or embrace the tones of autumn leaves – golds, rusts, and warm bronzes – with the Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette.