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How To: Decide What Brow Shape Suits You

There’s no doubt that defined eyebrows can instantly make you look polished and put together – if they’re sculpted to suit your particular face, that is! So, with some of you receiving an Eyeko Brow Liner inside your September Birchbox, we thought it was time to lift the lid on how to determine the best arch for your face shape. Plus, of course, how to shape them yourself…

The Face Shape: Oval

How to Shape It: Since an oval face is what most women are chasing through contouring, your natural brows don’t need much work – just focus on making them fuller to break up your features. After grooming your brows by tweezing any stray hairs that fall below your brow line, apply a little of the Eyeko Brow Liner through any sparse patches to add instant fullness and draw attention to your eyes.

The Face Shape: Round

How to Shape It: Mark the start and arch of your brow with the Eyeko Brow Liner. Then, connect each point using short, hair-like strokes. To keep the look natural, gently comb product from the start of the brow to the end using a spoolie brush, leaving the arch slightly dense to amp up its height. Follow up with a touch of highlighter just underneath the peak of the arch to accentuate the height.

The Face Shape: Square

How to Shape It: To make your arch appear higher, use Eyeko Brow Liner to draw a slight peak just above your natural arch and softly blend into the rest of your brow to keep the overall shape more rounded. For extra oomph, apply a touch of highlighter just below to emphasise the arch without making it too angular.

The Face Shape: Heart

How to Shape It: First, fill in any sparse areas with Eyeko Brow Liner to build a rounder shape, then use a quick setting gelto comb hairs into place, making sure to avoid any hard or blunt angles when styling and setting your brows.

The Face Shape: Long

How to Shape It: Shortening brows should be left to the pros! Instead, try lowering the arch of the brow, to shorten this face shape. Apply Eyeko Brow Liner with short stokes just underneath your natural shape, avoiding any harsh angles. Then set the brow a gel, using swipes horizontal swipe at a slightly downward angle around the arch to give the shape a straighter look.

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