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3 Reasons to Love the January Birchbox

Ready to bring some cheer to the new year? The January Birchbox is brimming with goodies that will make even the gloomiest of days feel more vibrant. If you needed any more convincing, here are 3 reasons that will have you shaking your pom poms…

1. Get your glow on with a full-size highlighter

Not only is this highlighter from Cle Cosmetics full-size and in every box, it’s also infused with luminescent pearl powder so you can really brighten any miserable Mondays that come your way. Smooth it onto your cheekbones, down your nose and beneath your brows for instant radiance.

2. Dr. Botanicals and Afterspa in every box

A bit of new year’s TLC is on everyone’s to do list, right? But if you’re not up for dry January, maybe just detox your complexion instead. With a 98% natural formula, the Dr. Botanicals Cleansing Bar is gentle enough to use on your face and body while the Afterspa Facial Micro Scrubber makes light work of removing dirt and grime.

3. We included an extra treat to brighten your month

We’re so excited to add a cheery addition to our hair this month. Whether it’s a ponytail, braid or a top knot – why rely on a boring black hair band? Inspired by this month’s box theme, these pom pom-topped hair ties add a colourful finishing touch to whatever hairstyle you’re rocking.

Get your January Birchbox here to join the new year cheer.

– Ashleigh Kybert