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The Product That Will Turn You Into an Air-Drying Hair Pro

We’ve all been there: you forgo blow-drying your hair in favour of letting it air-dry, only to find a frizzy, flat, or tangled mess when you look in the mirror. Not the perfectly undone, tousled strands you were envisioning. That’s where this air-dry styler comes in. Give those hot tools a rest – there’s only one product you need to transform your damp hair in style…

So, what’s the product?

Meet… Bumble and bumble. Don’t Blow It (H)air Styler. This innovative formula has been specially designed to add texture, body, and movement to damp hair while you leave it to air-dry – without the need for hot gadgets and gizmos. A particular bonus when you’re dealing with summer’s warmer temperatures or you’re away on holiday and don’t want to add more heat.

Why should I use it?

Styling damp hair can often be a tedious task, but all you need is a couple of minutes and just a little bit of effort with this product. It’s specially formulated to add extra volume and texture – without any flyaways. Plus, if your hair is extra unruly, there’s a special thick version that’s great for strands that need more care and attention after washing to prevent frizz.

How does it work?

Using special polymers and oils, it puts life back into your hair by adding bounce and natural texture. Our favourite benefit? It makes it way easier to work with what your mama gave you so you can style as desired, no sweat. Just add a dollop to your towel-dried strands and watch as your locks air-dry with less frizz and more definition. Voilà!

Styling tip!

Smooth a generous amount through your hair, pressing into your strands to help the product absorb. Once it dries, flip your head over and shake at the roots to add fullness. Flip back and revel in your frizz-free style. Want to add more va-va-voom volume? Separate your hair into multiple sections, taking two pieces from each section and twisting them individually as you twist them together into one. Once they’re dry, untwist to reveal wavy strands with boosted body.

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