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The New Year’s Beauty Resolutions We All Need To Follow

It’s that time of year again when we wave goodbye to alcohol or try our best to exercise more. But New Year’s resolutions tend to feel like a bit of a chore, so instead of promising to run a marathon in two weeks’ time, why not tweak your beauty habits?

I will wash my make-up brushes

It’s not just us that avoids the laborious task of scrubbing our stash of brushes, right? But is it really worth the skincare woes it can lead to? Forget clean eating, it’s all about clean brushes this year as we’re now vowing to wash them every few weeks – watch this space.

I will focus on hydration

Hydration is the best kept beauty secret, so this year we want to make sure we’re drinking our 2 litres of water a day and using serums to keep our moisture levels up. Plump, healthy skin? Yes, please.

I will protect my skin

Did you know that SPF should be worn all year round? Harmful rays are present 365 days a year, so we should be protecting our skin for each and every one of those. Especially if you use AHAs or BHAs in your routine (scary words for hero ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acids) as these increase skin sensitivity.

I will take time to relax

We’re all burnt out by the end of the year, so we’ve decided to factor in some well-deserved relaxation time in 2019. Light your favourite candle, read a book or listen to a podcast whenever you can. If you don’t have much time on your hands, even just taking five minutes after your shower to massage in an indulgent body cream like John Masters Organics Body Milk will help you unwind.

I will deep treat my hair weekly

Want strong, shiny hair? Get on board with our vow to treat our tresses to a hair mask every week. Find some time in your busy schedule to slather on a conditioning, strengthening or smoothing treatment and let it get to work. You’ll thank yourself later!

I will try something out of my comfort zone

Get on board with experimenting with your beauty routine this year. Why not try a dark berry lip in the colder months (we love this Lord & Berry crayon), or maybe spend some time perfecting your winged liner? Whatever it is, we’re sure it’ll be worth the risk.

I will get to grips with gadgets

Spot zappers, heated eyelash curlers, blow drying… you name it, we’ve given up with it! But this year we want to devote some time to understanding our beauty gizmos in a bid to shake up our routine and learn some new tricks.

I will make time to mask

Fuss-free skincare is our favourite, so we plan to prioritise face masks from now on. From hydrating and plumping sheet masks from Oh K! to purifying clay masks from Sand & Sky, they get to work in no time and leave your complexion restored and radiant – just what we need in the new year.