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Meet Your Autumn Skincare Hero

Whether you’re already head-over-heels for the K-beauty sheet mask trend or you’re yet to get on board, there’s a new kid on the skincare block – foil masks. We’ve included one from BeautyPro inside every October Birchbox for you to try. Here’s how it will transform your skincare game…

1. It uses thermotherapy technology

Intrigued? The BeautyPro THERMOTHERAPY masks are made with a self-heating foil that warms up on contact with your skin. Unlike traditional sheet masks, this method helps the ingredients to penetrate your skin more effectively for supercharged results.

2. It’s tailored to your skincare concerns

When you get your October Birchbox you can choose the BeautyPro mask that you’ll receive – either Gold or Silver. The Gold mask contains hyaluronic acid and Q10 – great for hydrating parched skin and boosting collagen to reduce signs of ageing – while the Silver mask contains vitamin C and green tea – perfect for brightening and rejuvenating fatigued skin.

3. It works in just 20 minutes

The perfect skin-pampering treat, you apply the foil mask directly to clean skin. Then, sit back and relax for 20 minutes while the ingredients get to work. Once the time’s up you can remove the mask and massage in any remaining serum into your skin. Easy!

Get your October Birchbox today and choose your BeautyPro THERMOTHERAPY Foil Mask when you check out.