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Ingredient Focus: Tea Party-Inspired Beauty

This month, our tea party-inspired June Birchbox got us thinking… Caffeine, honey, green tea, and milk might be delicious in a brew but they’re also incredible ingredients for your skin, body and hair. From caffeine-infused body scrubs to green tea-packed skincare, discover the perfect tea party-inspired ingredients for you…


Not only does caffeine make a hugely welcome addition to our daily routines when it comes to perking us up after our 6.30am alarm rings, it also has an endless list of benefits as part of a skincare routine! Its anti-inflammatory properties both help to soothe puffy eyes and calm angry complexions, keeping skin looking and feeling youthful and revitalised.

When it comes to body care, the Grounded Chocolate Orange Body Scrub makes the perfect summer exfoliant, as coffee granules combined with coconut oil, vitamin E and sweet almond oil soften and hydrate the skin, leaving you confident to take on bare leg season with smoother than smooth skin!

For complexion care, the Origins Ginzing Scrub Cleanser is renowned for its skin-energising results. Packed with real coffee beans, ginseng and essential oils, it’s the equivalent of a double shot espresso for your skin on a particularly sleepy morning.

Whilst this product doesn’t contain caffeine as one of it’s lovely ingredients, it certainly harnesses the brightening and ‘perk-up’ power that you get from a morning coffee! The Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream creates the perfect base for make-up application, or for simply leaving your under-eyes radiant when bare faced! Bobbi’s signature Extra Repair Complex – a combination of clary sage ferment and argireline® – also targets the appearance of ageing by boosting the skin’s natural collagen levels, so you’ll be bright-eyed in no time.


A gorgeous lemon-y tea makes the perfect pick-me-up when feeling stressed or under the weather, and we’re definitely partial to adding a little honey to sweeten things up! Honey is one of nature’s most magical creations, and when it comes to skincare can help tackle dehydrated skin, fight signs of ageing and bacteria to heal breakouts. Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air into the skin, helping it penetrate deep into the skins layers for long-lasting hydration.

For the most affordable yet miracle working masks around, we turn to Manefit for all our complexion woes, and their Honey Nutrition + Vitalising Sheet Mask is one of the best! Enriched with nourishing honey and packed full of antioxidants, this mask locks-in moisture, instantly healing and soothing tired, stressed skin for a healthy glow.

Baths can be the ultimate relaxation technique for battling pent up stress and anxieties, and the luxurious feeling Laura Mercier Honey Bath makes the experience even more divine! The Ambre Vanillé fragrance features tangerine, coconut, almond, vanilla beans, brown sugar and more to make up it’s dreamy scent, whilst shea butter nourishes skin from head to toe. Simply use the wooden honey dipper and twirl under running water for the perfect indulgent bath time!

We couldn’t talk about all things honey without mentioning the gorgeous honey-hued pigment of the theBalm® cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer! The world renowned highlighter provides serious glow to your cheekbones (but also look fabulous as an eyeshadow!), leaving skin with the gorgeous lit-from-within glow that we can usually only achieve by a carefully selected Instagram filter- obsessed!


Green tea is often hailed as one of the healthiest teas out there, helping reduce inflammation, fight bacteria and lower blood pressure, along with a whole host of other long term benefits! The endless list of perks mean green tea infused skincare has exploded in the beauty sphere and we simply can’t get enough of this magic ingredient…

The Pixi H2O Skindrink makes skincare innvogorating for even the most blasé beauty shopper, as the gel formula provides an instant burst of hydration and refreshment that’s ideal for fuss-free summer routines. It’s brimming with green tea, meaning it’s antioxidant benefits are second to none! Bous- Pixi is 100% cruelty free, making it the perfect skincare addition for ingredient conscious beauty lovers.

If the thought of rocking some sandals for summer has you cringing at the condition of your heels, look no further than the Skin Republic Foot Peel for an ultimate fix to dry skin problems. Packed with 15 plant extracts, the exfoliating serum uses alpha hydroxy acids to remove dead skin cells, and get to work on calluses and rough skin to peel away dead skin within 7 days, while a blend of green tea and vitamins helps to soothe and hydrate dry patches. Feet are left transformed!


And finally, the classic English breakfast tea wouldn’t be complete without a glug of milk to finish it off! Milky formulas make the perfect basis for so many of our favourite beauty products, helping to hydrate, cleanse and shrink pores for the ultimate complexion fix. Whether it’s a classic cow’s milk, coconut milk or the new and trendy oat milk, there’s a whole world of milk infused beauty with amazing benefits…

Coconut milk has taken the haircare world by storm thanks to its ultra hydrating benefits, and the Luseta Beauty Coconut Milk Hair Mask is no exception to the rule, thanks to vitamins C, E, B1, B5 and B6 nourishing and conditioning locks from root to tip! Add a hair mask into your routine once a week to banish dry and damaged strands and you’ll be one step closer to the sleek and shiny hair of dreams!

When it comes to lazy beauty, dry shampoo is up there as one of our favourite ‘I’ve overslept my alarm’ saviours! Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk has been a long term love in the celebrity beauty world, tackling oil and adding volume in one easy step. Not only is it great for in between washes, but also it also works wonders at adding texture and volume for a messy bun or festival style braid.

If we weren’t already tea lovers before the month of June, we’re certainly head over heels obsessed with all things tea- inspired beauty now!

– Charlotte Rollin