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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Extra Hour

This Sunday at 2am, UK clocks are turning back an hour meaning we’ll all be treated to an extra 60 minutes to enjoy of our Sunday morning (yay!). If, unlike us, you want to do something more with your precious extra hour than spend it in bed snoozing then here are our top tips for making the most of it…

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While we’re normally all for face masks that we can slap on and wash off within 10 minutes, having an extra hour is the perfect time to really give yourself some pamper time. Pop on a BeautyPro sheet mask – they’ve got ones to purify, brighten and detoxify and for faces, eyes, hair, hands and even feet – then sit back and relax while it gets to work.

Forget stumbling to the kitchen for a coffee and a slice of toast, this Sunday is the ideal time to sharpen those culinary skills and whip up a breakfast to be proud of! We’ll be cooking up a big batch of Port & Fin’s Egg, Bacon, and Goat’s Cheese Breakfast Pastries (which look much fancier than they really are!). They take around 25 minutes to prepare and cook and, if you’re a late riser, they make a great brunch/lunch option too!

If a long week has taken its toll on your nails then, chances are, Sunday’s are normally the day that you slick on a couple of coats of polish to see you through the start of the next working week. However, with a whole extra hour on the table you can really up your mani game! We’re talking base coats, top coats, and your favourite nail polish – Nails Inc has you covered on all counts – then follow our top tips on how to get a salon-standard paint job.

Okay, so this one might not be as fun as the pamper sesh suggestions above but stay with us! If working out is normally the last thing on your mind, after rolling in late from work during the week and dashing between meet-ups with friends and family over the weekend, then what better time to get some exercise in? We’re not suggesting anything drastic but a 30 minute YouTube yoga video in the living room or a gentle jog around the block will kickstart your extra-long Sunday and leave you feeling energised for the week ahead. Still not convinced? Check out our excuse-proof exercise tips for a little inspiration.

If, like us, you’ve shampooed, conditioned, and blow-dried your hair before remembering you’d been planning to do a hair mask then Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer should be in your bathroom this weekend! You dampen your hair and apply the treatment before you’ve hit the shower, then leave it for 20 minutes while you go about your morning! Flick through a magazine, update your Pinterest boards, or enjoy a cuppa (whatever you want!) while this stuff gets to work delivering moisture, improving elasticity, and restoring bounce. When you’re ready to face the day, rinse it off then shampoo and condition as normal.

Now that the clocks have officially gone back it means that, while our mornings will be lighter, the evenings will be darker even earlier (boo!). The plus side? We no longer need an excuse for ditching nights outs in favour of evenings spent on the sofa (after all, everyone’s doing it right?). So, get a head start on your favourite programmes this sunday and catch up on the latest must-watch shows while getting on with a beauty treatment. Sunday sorted!