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Your Guide To Commute-Proof Make-Up

Whether your commute involves a sweaty tube journey, fighting for a seat on the train or battling rush hour traffic on the roads, it’s safe to say a stressful or lengthy journey can leave our make-up looking less than perfect before we’ve even started the day. Whilst you might think summer + a sweaty commute = inevitably ruined make-up, there are plenty of simple and fuss-free tips to ensure your make-up application stays looking as perfect as it does from the first dab of foundation or swipe of mascara in the morning, right until 6pm rolls around!

Prime your skin

You wouldn’t build a house without the right foundations, so why apply your base without a perfected complexion to begin with? If there’s one step in your beauty regime that will help improve the longevity and finish of your make-up- it’s a primer. The POREfessional Pearl Primer from Benefit features the same oil-free formula (perfect for the summer heat!) as the original and well loved POREfessional, but with an added dose of soft pearly pink pigment to provide a smoother, brighter and more awake complexion. The silky formula helps to minimise the look of pores and give an airbrushed finish to your base (whether you’re a tinted moisturiser or full coverage kinda girl), meaning your foundation looking its best is a given even on the hottest of days!

Apply light layers

For a beautiful base that still looks perfectly skin-like, apply your foundation or favourite base product in thin layers to avoid any chance of a cakey finish, whilst also upping the longevity of your base. Concentrate on the areas where you need the most coverage (perhaps you have a blemish prone chin or an oily t-zone!) and focus your foundation there, blending out any remaining product on your brush or sponge to your cheeks and forehead to allow your natural skin to shine through. If you prefer a full coverage finish, continue applying in thin layers until you achieve your desired finish. In need of a glow-inducing foundation this summer? We love the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation!

Stick to stains

When skin is prone to oil overload by mid morning during the summer months, switching up the formulas of your usual beauty products can make the world of difference in harnessing ultimate staying power needs! Multi-purpose products rank highly on our list of best-loved beauty (especially if your morning commute sees you faffing with foundation brushes or rummaging for a lip balm) making the Benefit Benetint the perfect summer beauty essential. The beloved rose-hued lip and cheek tint is lightweight in formula making for sheer yet buildable coverage that’s guaranteed to last from A.M to P.M thanks to its stain formula. It’s not surprisingly it’s a staple with celebrities, make-up artists, and models (not to mention Birchbox staffers).

Powder, powder, powder!

Whilst a dewy finish to your foundation is the ultimate in summer make-up, sometimes when the heat and humidity get too much, a powder you can rely on becomes a handbag essential to not leave home without. Whether you powder after your primer to mattify and prep your skin for foundation, or dust a little over your finished base to set it in place, the Benefit The POREfessional: agent zero shine will be your summer BFF for controlling all things shine! The lightweight formula means it looks undetectable on the skin (so you can avoid all danger of things looking cakey) and ensures you can re-apply as often as necessary for taking your look from office to pub garden in an instant!

Heavy duty mascara

A telltale sign of a sweaty/stressful/long commute is mascara and eye make-up dropping down below the eyes and giving you a full on panda look before you’ve even sat down at your desk- not cute! A waterproof mascara is therefore a summer essential for preventing all things fall down, and not just when you’re beachside! Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara adds both length, volume and intense colour with a formula that doesn’t run or smudge, ensuring your eye make-up stays looking perfect from first application, through to the end of the day. The heavy duty formula is commute, summer and totally lifeproof!

– Charlotte Rollin