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We’ve Found The Perfect Sidekick To Your Cleanser


When it comes to washing your face, your cleanser will work a lot harder with a sidekick. Birchboxers, meet the Afterspa Facial Scrubber. We understand how tough it is to find a cleanser that works for all of your needs – yep, we’ve tried all the creams, gels, oils and foams! But we think we’ve finally got to the bottom of it. Pair your damp scrubber with any cleanser and you’ve found the perfect combo for foolproof deeply-cleansed skin.  

Hailed as the product you didn’t know you needed, this dual-texture facial tool helps to remove dirt, oil, and impurities in your skin that your hands can’t. Intrigued? Here’s exactly how to use it:

Step 1: Wet Your Afterspa Scrubber

Afterspa gif

Soften your new favourite facial tool by soaking it in warm water.

Step 2: Lather Up Your Favourite Cleanser

Afterspa gif

Whether that’s a gel, foam, cream or even a bar – the Afterspa Facial Scrubber works with all.

Step 3: Scrub!

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Begin exfoliating and massaging your face (and neck!) in circular motions. Bonus: apply the amount of pressure you feel comfortable with – but don’t worry, the scrubber is suitable for sensitive skin too!

Step 4: Re-use

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Simply rinse clean and hang to dry. You can use the Afterspa Facial Scrubber for a few months before re-purchasing! (A win for eco-friendly beauty!).

Skincare buffs recommend exfoliating a few times a week, maximum, to keep pores squeaky-clean and skin feeling soft and smooth. Just don’t get too scrub happy or you could irritate or dry out your skin.

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