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4 Fun Things We Learned At Our Harper’s Bazaar Blogger Event

Ever wondered what it’s really like to be a beauty editor? Last night, we invited a selection of bloggers to try out Benefit‘s iconic products and take part in a Q&A with Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Director, Sophie Bloomfield. Here are our five favourite learnings from the evening:


You’re The Beauty Editor

Sophie told Lisa Potter-Dixon, Head Make-Up Artist for Benefit, that one of the perks of her job is being able to try a whole range of great brands and saw Birchbox as a way of becoming a beauty editor yourself – putting products to the the test and discovering your latest must-have product.


Go With The Flow

As guests listened avidly in Benefit’s Carnaby Street store, Lisa asked the perennial question for any ‘successful’ businesswoman – how do you get the work-life balance right? Sophie explained, “In all honesty, you can’t. You have to be willing to go with the flow and put yourself in a flexible mindset, as things are constantly changing.”


There Are Always Pros And Cons

Sophie’s favourite aspect of her job is the fun, creative process involved. She loves talking to hair and make-up artists backstage at fashion shows and working closely with the creative team at Harper’s to realise her visions. Sophie explained that she works very closely with the art and creative departments to balance the immediate online deadlines with the longer leads of print – they even shot their October cover last week! #Organised.

As for the cons, she told Lisa that there weren’t many things she didn’t like about her job – apart from the difficulties of keeping up with the fast-paced environment. But, as her husband often reminds her, issues like “How will I get to Claridges on time?” are “First World problems”.


Follow The Rules (Sometimes!)

Aside from Sophie’s fascinating talk, there were other learnings to take away. Benefit’s lovely make-up artist Lauren set up a ‘colour corner’, boasting an array of foundations, blushers, lipsticks (you name it!) to help find the right shades to compliment individual skin tones, whether they be pink, red or more yellow-based undertones. Our ultimate learning was – although a particular lipstick or blusher shade may be the ‘right’ match – if the colour makes you smile and makes you feel fab, go for it!

A big thank you to the fabulous Sophie and Lisa, our PR team Rachel and Mimi, and of course, the brilliant girls at Benefit for hosting such a great event!

– Grace

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