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24 Hours with… Michelle Kennedy @ Peanut

Michelle Kennedy is the co-founder and CEO of Peanut – an app for making new mum friends. After having her son, Fin, and returning to work, Michelle struggled to find other like-minded mums to connect with. Using her backround in dating app development (having helped to launch Bumble and working previously as deputy CEO at Badoo), Michelle launched her new social networking app in February 2017. Here’s a glimpse into a day in her life…

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6.30am Wake up, remove ear plugs. (Yes, I sleep with earplugs. I am a terrible sleeper so anything to help me block out night noises!) Quick check of emails, respond to any I can, check in with the team on slack. After 30 minutes Fin will RACE in – “Morning Time Mama” he declares brightly every morning. Then we go down to deal with our puppy Matilda and discover what trail of devastation she’s left us over night. (Hint, do not leave new shoes, or tubes of body lotion with new puppies – it is something you will bitterly regret.)

8am Out of the house for the school run. Usually, I manage to put a slick of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser on before we leave the house – and I usually do my mascara on the tube. (Yes, I am that woman.)

9am Grabbed my Starbucks (I basically drink hot milk) and head to the studio. We’re doing a shoot with some Peanut mamas today for the launch of our new feature. The studio is awash with pink – I’m in my happy place! I sit at the back of the studio working whilst watching the chaos unfold. I watch my Head of Brand directing proceedings, trying to get the little peanuts to stay on set, and to laugh… she’s doing a better job than I could. I go back to drafting emails!

12pm Run across town to a lunch for a book launch. The lunch has been made by the incredible Melissa Hemsley and I’m sat around a table with incredible women. We share stories of what we’re working on, take turns in cooing over the tiny peanut one of the mamas has brought along, and I sneakily finish some emails under the table before I run to do an interview with a journalist. We talk about the myth of ‘having it all’ and I tell her how damaging I think that principle is to women, their confidence, and their ability to enjoy life. We laugh about the maintenance of our bangs. My fringe needed a trim and I decided to take it on at midnight last night when I finished work. It’s a decision I am regretting.

3pm Head back to the office to jump on a call with one of my investors. She is one of my favourite people. She sees Peanut from a different vantage point, has an incredible network, we keep in contact via WhatsApp most days. Today we’re talking about the new Peanut product feature, and she’s sharing feedback on some of the UX (user experience). She is really vested in Peanut, and a huge supporter of women in business. She’s become somewhat of a mentor to me.

5pm Finish a call with my partner in Chicago about some of our roadmap and hiring and dash to the bathrooms to slick on some lippy and spruce my hair using some dry shampoo, then run to give a talk for women in tech. I speak to the audience about starting your own business, why failing is not a bad thing, and how learning to hustle will always be your best asset.

9pm Get home, and jump into my tracksuit. (Anyone who knows me, knows I am such a home bird, so this is already late for me!) I play with the crazy puppy, examine the latest damage she has caused to my make-up bag, Pro tip – don’t leave that in the kitchen in her reach, she’s eaten my mascara. I sneak in and give Fin a kiss goodnight. I missed bedtime tonight and it’s the worst – I try not to let it happen more than once a week. I finish a submission I’ve been working on for a partner in the US, press send, and slather some face oil on before going to check in with my husband to see how his day was!

Midnight Fall into bed, spray sleep mist on my pillow, and have a final email check before putting my earplugs back in! Tomorrow I am starting the day with a big pitch and I need to get some zzzs!

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