How To Shape Your Brows

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Brows are the ultimate beauty secret to a polished look. Whether you have naturally unruly ones, or they’re slightly more sparse, there are so many products to help you get the look you want – but it can be hard to know where to start. Worry not! In this video, we’re going to show you the basic steps to achieving natural-looking, well-shaped, brows in no time.


Before you start:
Tweezers for stray hairs
Spoolie brush to comb through

To fill your brows:
Pencil to shape
– Brow product to fill (we’re using a cream-gel!)
Brow gel to finish


Step 1:
– Use the pencil to find your brow shape, holding the pencil at the side of your nose and moving it along your brow.
– Straight up from the side of your nose is where your brow should start, in line with your pupil is where your arch should be, and the outer corner of your eye should be in line with the end of your brow.

Step 2:
– Use small, upward strokes to shape the front of your brow and small, downward strokes after the arch.

Step 3:
– Brush through with the spoolie to blend the product through your brow for a natural finish.

Step 4:
– Like a bolder brow? Line beneath your brow, using a brow pencil, to add definition before you fill in with your chosen product.

Step 5:
– Brush through some clear brow gel to keep your hard work in place all day!

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