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How To Conceal Spots

How To Conceal Spots

Woken up to discover an unexpected breakout? We’re all about embracing skin exactly as it but, sometimes, you might want to disguise an unwanted spot. In this video we’ll show you how to cover up a breakout without applying a mask of make-up.


Cream Concealer
Concealer Brush
Setting Powder
Powder Brush


Step 1:

– Apply your chosen primer and foundation first. This way, you’ll find that you use less concealer!

Step 2:
– Choose a concealer shade that matches your skin tone so your disguise work doesn’t stand out.

Step 3:
– Pick up a small amount of concealer on the concealer brush and apply it directly to the spot using short strokes. Be sure to apply some just around the edge of the spot too!

Step 4:
– Using your fingertips, dab and press the concealer gently around the spot so it meshes with your skin and the rest of your make-up. This helps to give the most natural, undetectable, finish.

Step 5:
– Apply more concealer to the spot if needed, using a fine-tipped brush. It’s better to apply light, thin layers and build up to your desired coverage.

Step 6:
– Set your hard work in place with a light dusting of translucent powder, using a fluffy brush. Bye bye blemish!

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