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How To Apply Liquid Liner

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We’ll be honest. At first, liquid liner might seem a little intimidating. But – good news! – we’re here to make it easy for any beginners out there. In this video, we’ll show you some simple tips and tricks to getting a perfect smooth line, so you never have to fear liquid liner again…


Liquid Eyeliner
Make-Up Remover
– Cotton Buds


Step 1:
– Rest your elbow on a table for support. (A steady hand = a smooth line!)
– Use your free hand to gently pull your eye taut. This will help you create an even line.

Step 2:
– Start with the liner as close to your lash line possible, at the inner corner of your eye.

Step 3:
– Let’s do this! Use small, light, strokes to draw dashes along your lash line. Don’t try and draw a full line as it will be hard to create an even one.
– Prefer a bolder eye? Apply more pressure for a thicker line.

Step 4:
– Dab the liner along your lash line to fill in any gaps.

Step 5:
– Any mistakes? Don’t worry! Use a cotton bud soaked in make-up remover to tidy up any wobbly issues.

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