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Introducing, EVE LOM: A-List Approved Skincare

With over 25 years of expertise, EVE LOM has become a brand that’s synonymous with luxurious skincare. Created by a leading facialist, the British brand launched with just one product – their iconic cleansing balm – which developed something of a cult following (to say the least!). Adored by top beauty editors and celebrities alike (Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, and Cate Blanchett all swear by EVE LOM’s signature cleansing ritual!), it’s a must-have item in the bathroom of any skincare-obsessed woman. In the years since then, the brand has developed a full range of indulgent, effective products targeted to work with all skin types – and we’re here to tell you exactly how to make the most of them.



Of course, the brand’s classic cleanser works just as well in the morning as it does at night but if you fancy something lighter then the EVE LOM Morning Time Cleanser makes the perfect substitute! Formulated for those of us who like a more lightweight texture first thing, this balm contains four of the brand’s signature oils as well as papaya fruit enzyme and carrot oils to brighten, refresh, and balance your complexion – in just two minutes! Simply warm a little of the product between your fingertips, massage onto dry skin, leave for two minutes to get to work, then rinse off with warm water and pat dry.


When it comes to removing all traces of the day, you can’t go wrong with the classic EVE LOM balm for your evening cleanse. It remains the brand’s #1 top seller thanks to it’s hardworking (yet gentle) botanical formula. Brimming with chamomile, eucalyptus, hops, and cloves, it sweeps away all traces of make-up and dirt (without causing irritation) while the finely-woven muslin cloth also helps to exfoliate as you cleanse – for a skincare double-whammy! Massage onto dry skin, soak the muslin cloth in warm water then place over your face for a few moments and breathe deeply. Work the cloth over your face, removing the cleanser, then pat skin dry.


These skincare experts know that sometimes, whatever you do, your complexion just won’t play ball – which is why they have a couple of tricks up their sleeve to combat unexpected issues! Firstly, for days when your skin might be looking a little blotchy, congested, or simply not it’s best, the EVE LOM Rescue Mask will sort you out. The skin-clearing formula pulls dirt and oil away from your pores for an instantly de-puffing and brightening effect – it works perfectly as a weekly deep cleanse but just as well as an emergency mask when you’re having a skincare S.O.S. Simple apply it after cleansing, leave for around 15 minutes, then rub it off gently using upward motions – finish by wiping skin clean with a damp muslin cloth.
Next, if you’ve woken up to an enormous breakout then EVE LOM’s Dynaspot will save the day! The result of years of research into the causes of blemishes, this hard-hitting treatment is packed with a healthy dose of salicylic acid and an array of naturally soothing antiseptic extracts to reduce sebum production, reduce inflammation, and bring down redness. Even better? You can wear it over or under make-up!


Lastly, while it’s nice for your skincare to feel like an indulgence, EVE LOM are well aware that it’s important for your skincare staples to fit effortlessly into your lifestyle – and to get the job done! Thankfully, their radiance-boosting moisturiser not only helps to boost your skin’s glow, but it protects against UV rays at the same time with SPF 15 – double-duty beauty at it’s finest! Massage into skin after cleansing and relax in the knowledge that your complexion will be protected against free radicals and environmental damage, while lactic acid will help to brighten for that lit-from-within radiance that we’re all seeking.

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