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24 Hours with… Sophie Pycroft @ Spectrum Collections

Meet Sophie and Hannah Pycroft – sisters and founders of the most Instagram-worthy make-up brush brand around, Spectrum Collections. Since starting the venture in their garage in Barry, Wales, Spectrum Collections has gone on to become a million pound business – with their beautiful brushes a must-have in the kits of make-up artists and celebs alike. Want to know what a typical day in the life of two entrepreneurs is like? Sophie’s about to give us a little insight…

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07.00am My alarm goes off but I don’t get up. I know so many people say that getting out of bed early is really important, especially when you run your own business, but I just don’t really worry about that. It is on my to-do list to learn to be a ‘morning person’ but I definitely snooze until 07.30. Twiggy, my staffie, always crawls in under the covers for a cwtch (a cuddle!) when she hears the first alarm go off. She knows that’s basically the start of her half hour of Twiggy time every morning.

07.30am I still have Twiggy tucked in next to me but I pick up my phone to check Instagram (of course). With our customers being so global there are usually lots of messages and comments that have come through over night, so I have a quick glance in case there is anything urgent, or really interesting so I can share it with the team straight away. We have a group chat and we all post things in there constantly. We’re a really close team and we have lots to talk about, even before official work hours, that’s one of my favourite things about being a businesswoman – the amazing team we’ve managed to build! Then I’ll flick through Twitter, retweet and reply to a few of our lovely followers and, lastly, I’ll check emails quickly. Again, exciting things can happen any time – even before work!

08.50am I leave the house. Yes it sounds late, I know, but work is less than 5 minutes away. On the way in Han and I ALWAYS have a coffee – coconut flat white – in our favourite coffee shop, Academy, which doesn’t open until 9. It just happens to be right next to our office so we meet there first and go over any ideas we’ve both had in the night. (That’s where most of our product concepts come from – my head, overnight.) It’s more of a general catch up too. Because we work together every day, and work takes up so much of our time, it is nice to grab half an hour or so in the day when we ask each other about normal things like what we had for tea the night before or if we watched Celebs Go Dating (yes!).

09.30am Arrive at the office. We’re really informal and usually stroll in and have some morning banter with the team. They love to have fun and there’s usually some sort of office joke going around. We’re quite a small team, just 9 including myself and Han, so we’re a group of friends who all work together and get sh*t done! After mine and Han’s catch up we usually have some specific tasks for everyone to add to their own workloads so we’ll relay these and generally push everyone to do a great job (they don’t need much pushing). We also let them know about any new ideas or samples we’ve got coming in. When there’s newness in the office it’s like Christmas!

13.00pm I usually remember at this point that I didn’t have breakfast and, by now, I’m pretty hungry after only really having coffee. Our typical lunch is some avocado on toast at Academy. We don’t take much time for lunch as we try and squeeze as much in as we can in the day. After a morning catch up, lunch really is just to grab some food (and usually another coffee) and then just head back up to the office.

18.00pm We usually leave the office around this time. As we don’t get there until a little later we make up for it in the evening. We do like to pack as much into the day as we can and that means that when everyone else goes home at 5pm we have another hour together to go over anything that has happened that day. We more or less have another catch up meeting so we’re both up to speed with what we’re working on. We’re copied in on most of each others e-mails anyway, but we do tend to specialise in different areas of the business each. I’m the more creative one in terms of product and photoshoots and Han is the more creative one when it comes to the website style and graphic design, so we go over our thoughts again.

18.30pm I pop to Asda to pick up something for tea. We’re never organised enough to have pre-planned meals and, actually, if we make it to the gym twice a week it’s a good week! Stir fry is a regular staple in my diet. Hannah is a better cook so she picks up more ingredients.

18.45pm Home time! I usually get straight to making tea with my other half. He’s an electrician so he works hard and is always hungry! Once that’s done – in all of about 20 mins if it’s stir fry night – then it’s time for some TV and social media. That usually involves watching something on catch up and re-tweeting and commenting on Insta during the breaks! I pretty much get first choice on TV programmes too. Bonus!

23.00pm It’s usually bed time. Basically, the process starts all over again and the product ideas start rolling in… although, I do sleep like a log! Twiggy is tucked in by my feet, and I set the alarm for 7am. Good night!

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