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The List: Blake Lively’s (One) Bad Hair Day, Monica Lewinsky Speaks Out & Why Biting Your Nails Isn’t All Bad

Blake Lively The Incredibles

Feel Better About Your AM Hair Situation

Blake Lively’s recent Instagram – yes, she of the immaculate aspirational hair – shows that not even she has iffy AM hair issues, just like the rest of us. So much love for this photo! Instagram

Be Proud That You Bite Your Nails

While it’s a habit that most of us want to quit, biting your nails is actually a sign of being a perfectionist. So next time your colleague tuts at you when you’re biting your thumbnail, smile back with this knowledge. Stylist 

See Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk

Monica Lewinsky stepped into the spotlight at her TED Talk last week, where she discussed the public shame – and cyberbullying – that she and so many others have been through. Definitely worth a watch. TED

Consider A Pixie Cut

Lena Dunham has debuted an even shorter cut – she’s gone from a bob to a super cute pixie cut. If you’ve been thinking about going short, this could be the thing that clinches it for you… US Weekly
– Beth Squires