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Treat Your Feet: Top (Surprising!) Tips From Bastien Gonzalez

Five days of heels and all that commuting every week can really take its toll on your feet, so we’ve asked manicurist and pedicurist-to-the-stars Bastien Gonzalez to give us his top tips on how to thank them for all their hard graft. Go on, give them a pamper!  

  • Moisturise every night to retrain elasticity and plump up the fatty pads under the feet.
  • If you wear high heels, use talcum powder to reduce friction. Bonus: It’s also good for the shoes, as it absorbs humidity without drying the skin!
  • If your feet hurt when using a foot file, soak your feet in water for 15 minutes to make the calluses very soft. Then, use the gentlest file you can find.
  • When using a scrub on your feet, treat them to a massage at the same time.
  • Clean the sides of the nails with an electric toothbrush (yes, really!) – just be careful not to press down. It gives amazing results, trust me.
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– Christine