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5 Minutes with… Sand & Sky (Australia’s Cult Skincare Brand!)

When it comes to face masks, there’s one brand on everyone’s lips at the moment – Sand & Sky. Their Brilliant Skin™ Purifying Pink Clay Mask has been flying off the shelves so, we couldn’t wait to chat with the amazing women behind the brand. Emily & Sarah Hamilton are twin sisters and mums who were born and bred in Australia – and are the brains behind Sand & Sky. We caught up with them to talk success, skincare, and what the future holds…


Congratulations on the success of Sand & Sky! Can you tell us the story behind the brand?

Our journey with bellabox (the Birchbox equivalent in Australia) taught us the need for products that yielded results. Social media can make or break a brand so we knew that our marketing power needed to come from customers and their experience and, in turn, results from using Sand & Sky. After living overseas and experiencing the awe people had for Australia once they heard our accents we knew that we could create a cool Australian brand that embodied their thoughts about Australia – fun with glowing skin! And we didn’t see anyone really making the most of our incredible indigenous ingredients. We choose Australian Pink clay so those with sensitive skin can enjoy it too.

Additionally, there are so many crazy, gimmicky masks out there at the moment. We saw the need for something simple and effective, that was luxurious but wouldn’t break the bank. It needed to be instantly effective too – we’re all time poor and don’t want to wait for results.

The reaction to your Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask has been amazing. Were you taken by surprise by it?

We knew we had a great product and you dream of a successful launch after the hard work you have put in but we were honestly blown away by the response. There were huge amounts of screaming internally when we were watching the sales and then a mad panic trying to create enough stock to meet demand.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

We start the day with a daily stand up with the team to focus on priorities for the day. Stock planning is massive for us at the moment and as we expand our retail presence we are working on how to balance the two channels. We have calls with the US and UK most days at the moment, so it’s chatting to the US early each day and the UK toward the end of the day. I don’t really break during the day so I can get as much time at home as possible. We work on Slack to chat with the office in Singapore, the development team in India and our growing office in London. So lots of chatting! There are so many new challenges for a new brand so there is a little bit of firefighting each day followed by reflection and analysis on ways to keeping those fires under control going forward. On Wednesday’s we have ‘wine wednesday’ as a quick moment to reflect on the week thus far!

What advice would you give to anyone looking to launch their own company?

Plan – but don’t go over the top! Know your strengths and play to those when creating a business; take considered risks and have the determination and volition to make it work. Plus, chat to friends and colleagues that have done it themselves and get their thoughts on how you can be successful.

What’s been the biggest challenge for you since launching Sand & Sky?

Perfecting the experience for our customers. The product through to getting Sand & Sky into their hands.

How do you like to spend you’re time when you aren’t working? Any tips for preventing burnout?

Running around after kids, trying to exercise regularly and then taking back all of that hard work by going out with friends!!

This month our theme is Work Hard, Play Hard & Be Kind. As entrepreneurs, mums, and twin sisters, we’d love to know how you embody that mantra in your daily lives?

Firstly, we love this theme!! We just think you need to give your best in everything that you do and that “best” should totally take into account the million other things you have going on in your life. It’s important to be present in each element of what you do, to be challenged and enjoy life as much as possible!

What’s next for Sand & Sky?

We are excited to extend the Pink Clay range of Sand & Sky and we have 2 new buzz- worthy products coming out this year. We will just continue to learn more from our customers about what they want from us and then the brand will adapt, so it’s hard to have too many concrete plans beyond the next 2 products. But we do love the idea of creating more results focused products around Australian ingredients – so watch this space!

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