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5 Minutes with…AURUM + GREY

As you’ll know, this month at Birchbox UK, our theme is It’s All In The Details – and it doesn’t more detail-orientated than the delicate jewellery of AURUM + GREY! (Seriously, if you’re looking for some trinket inspiration then check out their Instagram @aurumandgrey.) We were lucky enough to catch up with their incredible founder, Talya Paskin, to talk all things design inspiration, jewellery must-haves, and treasured pieces…


What’s the story behind Aurum + Grey? What made you want to start the brand?

Throughout my career, I have been working with apparel and accessories brands in digital, marketing and branding. Then, in the lead up to my wedding, I set out to design some unique Evil Eye bracelets for my bridesmaids. The process spiralled and a few bracelets turned into designing a full collection of pieces that I had been wanting to wear but couldn’t find in the marketplace. Friends of mine started wearing the pieces, then friends of friends! Demand soared and a hobby turned into a brand. During my maternity leave in 2016 I decided to give AURUM + GREY my full-time focus.

What inspires your jewellery designs?

Stones and lifestyle. Originally the collection was designed around specific stones and cuts that I wanted to showcase – in particular our signature grey rose cut diamonds. Each stone is so wonderfully unique and provides the prefect muted palette. I spent a lot of time in Israel when growing up and that has definitely been an inspiration in embracing the ‘non-polished’ and celebrating the unique; I was exposed to a fabulously eclectic array of artisans on the sea-front each night with truly unique one-of-a-kind hand-crafted pieces. As the collection has developed, I have also designing for lifestyle. New silhouettes have come from a desire for those feel-good vacation pieces (like our Fruit Cocktails Collection featuring mini Palm Trees and Pineapples). Or, for a piece to accentuate an open neck line (our new drop necklaces) or our newest pieces that were designed for dressier and black-tie events.

What draws you to the more understated style of jewellery?

A mix between my general style and also the practicalities of on-the-go London living. I don’t know what I’m going to wear every day (it’s likely to be something fairly classic with the odd ‘fun’ accent piece thrown in) but I do know that I’ll be wearing a staple set of jewels that I only re-style every so often. The jewellery pieces are a core that can add to any outfit and I know there will never compete with what I’m wearing but definitely finish my look. I often call them my ‘second skin’. If I’m dashing from work to an evening event I can add a few pieces if needed without having to style a whole new set of jewellery.

Talk us through your personal jewellery wardrobe! What are the accessories that you wear everyday and what are your most treasured pieces?

I had my wedding band custom made in Rose Gold before A+G was even a dream nearly 3 years ago. My wedding involved a Jewish ceremony and there is a particular requirement to have a solid ring; the ring must be uninterrupted gold with no holes, stones or engraving breaking the circle. The continuity of the rings represents the hope for an everlasting marriage and I love this symbolism and the pure simplicity of the piece – it’s incredibly special to me. I’m rarely without my ‘L’ Initial Necklace which I wear to keep my 19 month old daughter Livia Grace close to my heart at all times. I also always wear one of our Evil Eye bracelets (a traditional talisman for those who believe in them). My ear party consists of a range of our studs with my ‘T’ Initial Stud as standard and our Étoile Floating Diamond Ear Pin as a current favourite. Ring wise, it’s pretty much one (or more) of each – so it probably sounds like I’m accessorised as Mr T from the A-Team but I promise it doesn’t look like that in practice; that’s the beauty of the delicate collection that layers well!

Is there one piece of jewellery that you think everyone should own?

Earrings – big or small, they really do bring some sparkle to your face.

What’s your favourite piece in the Aurum + Grey collection?

That’s a tough question! It would have to be anything from our Initial Thoughts Collection which features dainty gold letters and numbers. We have the most wonderful customers and many of them share the reasons for their purchase; some of the initial dedications have been really special and moving stories. Customers often pay homage to the start of their marriage through their new initials, the birth of a new baby or significant date; all of which we feel honored that A+G can be a part of.

Any tips for wearing delicate jewellery if you’re not sure it’s for you?

I would say a bracelet; they suit anyone, you can layer them up if you like the look and you get glimpses of it as you go about your daily life which always brings me a smile!

How can you keep your jewellery in top condition?

Store your pieces well and hang your necklaces and bracelets so they don’t tangle. Try to give your pieces with precious stones a thorough clean regularly. If you can, make a small investment in a home Sonic Cleaner or if not, you can use a soft brush and some washing up liquid diluted with warm water. You can polish the metal with a gold or silver polishing cloth to remove any tarnish and add some sparkle!

What does the future hold for Aurum + Grey?

In our short time since launch last year, we have had Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Suki Waterhouse, Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Louise Redknapp, and an amazing set of bloggers and style-setters wear A+G pieces. Which is pretty surreal as a new British brand that was started as a hobby from my kitchen table! We have also welcomed an amazing host of UK and International customers to the Aurum family and whereas we were looking to just grow the business organically; the business has presented such wonderful potential that I have had to apply my professional experience into how we strategically develop the brand. We have been approached with some really exciting opportunities but we really don’t want to knee-jerk and I feel that it’s really important to stay true to our original values – so watch this space!

Discover more from AURUM + GREY here. Plus, keep an eye on our Facebook page on Monday for a chance to win an amazing prize from the brand!