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5 Minutes With… Our September Box Design Winner!

ICYMI, earlier this year we asked all of our subscribers to submit their ideas for their dream Birchbox design. The winner? Our incredible subscriber, Philippa Colliass! We caught up with the lady herself ahead of dispatch day to chat creative inspiration and personal heroes…

pip (2)

What sparked the inspiration for your Birchbox mood board?

I came across a poster called ‘solidarity concert poster‘ which had the colour overlay style that I felt would work well for a Birchbox design – both bold and colourful! I’d also used a similar style for a recent project so knew it could be used to create interesting patterns and shapes.

How will it feel to see your ideas come to life as a physical Birchbox?

Both surreal and amazing; I’m really excited to see the finished design!

Where do you go for creative ideas and inspiration?

It can be from anywhere really, I love using Instagram to look for inspiration, or sites like Pinterest and Designspiration. It’s cool to see what other creatives are working on and producing.

Who is your 2016 hero and why?

The Queen! For keeping it real for 90 years this year.

What’s the one beauty product that never lets you down?

This is a difficult question… if I had to choose one it would be my Nars Sheer Glow foundation.

We hope you love your September Birchbox design once it arrives (trust us, it’s gorgeous!). Psst… if you haven’t signed up to get yours yet, then it’s time to subscribe! For more from Philippa, check out her Instagram @pip.colliass.