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5 Minutes With… Living Sea Therapy

In honour of this month’s Mermaid Vibes theme, we’ve been looking to brands that inspire our inner mystical sea creature. Luckily, Living Sea Therapy are one brand that do just that – and they’re new in The Birchbox Shop this month! Their aquatic ingredients and beautiful turquoise packaging immediately caught our eye  so we couldn’t wait to catch up with self-confessed mermaids Louise and Selina from their Marketing Team to chat Cornish coastline, marine ingredients, and all-round inspiration….


What’s the story behind Living Sea Therapy?

Unusually our story begins with food. Our sister businesses, Cornish Sea Salt Co. and Cornish Seaweed Co. both hand-harvest ingredients from the Cornish coastline which are used in top restaurants around the globe not only because of the quality of flavour but also health benefits through the unique mix of vitamins and minerals in the Cornish sea. This got us thinking that these same benefits extend not only to the inside of our bodies but the outside as well; in fact from through to our own outdoor adventures swimming, diving and surfing we knew that the ocean has incredible skin benefits so we decided to explore it further. With a dedicated in house team of specialists working together with marine biologists and therapists we have launched our Living Sea Therapy® range using the same sustainable hand harvesting processes to harness the restorative powers of the sea especially for you and your skin.

Were there any challenges with starting the brand?

Absolutely. We were lucky enough to have the best teams on hand to help us develop the Cornish Sea Salt minerals and Cornish Seaweed into our formula (quite literally our real life mermaids) but it was a long journey of trialling and testing to get our key range ingredient, Living Sea Complex, just right. We’ve also spent a lot of time working on the aromatherapy of the products using pure essential oils to create the different moods of the Cornish Coast into the fragrances when you use the products.

What makes the ingredients sourced from the Lizard Peninsula so unique?

Well, apart from the fact we all think Cornwall is the best – we actually have science to back us up too. There are over 60 minerals in the waters that we source our ingredients from – that’s nine times more than the Dead Sea. We could get super geeky here, but the long and short of it is Cornwall has a unique geology on the coastline we harvest from and all of those Cornish Sea Salt minerals are very good for your skin.

If you could only recommend one Living Sea Therapy product, what would it be?

Only one, that’s tough! It’s got to be the Sixty Mineral Sea Salt Scrub we sent out with Birchbox. It’s made with real Cornish Sea Salt flakes which are encased in an oil based balm which gives incredible skin feel, you don’t even need to moisturise after using it. The fragrance is also stunning, we describe it as smelling like a sunny day on the beach…but maybe we just spend too much time there?

What’s your favourite thing about Cornwall?

That’s even harder than choosing our favourite product! Probably the fact that after work we have over 400 beaches to choose to go and hang out on.

What’s next for Living Sea Therapy? Are there any new creations in the pipeline?

Oh yes! We’ve got a couple of new products due to be released in the next couple of months, a hand polish and an intense hand cream, both incredible additions. We are also experimenting with a haircare range as well as other categories, so watch this space mermaids!

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