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What Is Colour Correcting?

Colour correcting is one trend that beauty bloggers and Instagrammers alike are obsessing over. But, what exactly is it and how can you incorporate it into your everyday routine? With a little help from Nip + Fab’s brand new Colour Correctors we’re about to give you the full lowdown…


Make-up artists define colour correcting as the technique of using colour to correct issues with your skin tone. Unlike regular concealers that simply cover imperfections, these green, lavender, yellow, and orange-hued formulas help to target issues like redness, under-eye circles, dullness, and dark spots by cancelling them out with opposite shades on the colour wheel.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry – Nip + Fab’s Colour Correctors make it super simple. All you need to do is identify your skin concern (discolouration, spot scarring, or rosacea for instance) then choose the colour corrector that will work for you! Once you’ve blended it into the skin (using your fingers or a damp make-up sponge), you apply your usual concealer and foundation as usual. You won’t believe the difference it makes in achieving a flawless complexion!

Take a look at how three of our staffers are using them for a little inspiration…


Skin concerns: Dark shadows beneath the eyes, redness and blemishes, yellow undertones.
Solution: A few dots of the Nip + Fab Colour Corrector in Peppermint helps to conceal those red areas and disguise any active breakouts. Applying the Lavender shade to cheeks helps to even out any pesky yellow undertones while Terracotta is the perfect shade for balancing out dark shadows.


Skin concerns: Under-eye bags, dull skin tone, and red patches.
Solution: To brighten a dull or lacklustre complexion, apply the Nip + Fab Colour Corrector in Lavender – it’s subtly illuminating. Similarly, for a natural highlight, apply the Banana shade down the bridge of your nose and centre of your forehead. Peppermint is best applied sparingly around your nose, or anywhere that you suffer with redness, and Terracotta neutralises dark under-eye circles to help your concealer work even harder.


Skin concerns: Areas of redness, dark under-eye circles, slight sallowness
Solution: If you suffer with bags or prominent shadows beneath your eyes then applying the Nip + Fab Colour Corrector in Terracotta before your concealer will really help to cancel out blue and purple hues under the eyes to neutralise the area. No matter your skin tone, a lot of people are prone to yellowness. The Lavender shade is great at correcting yellow discolouration to brighten dull or sallow patches. Finally, if your skin is looking a little red due to breakouts or irritation then Peppermint will calm the area to bring your skin back into balance.

Don’t forget! Prepping your skin for make-up is super-important too – and a key step in achieving a flawless face. Discover Nip + Fab’s skincare collection here at The Birchbox Shop.