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How To: Reuse Your June Tin

Here at Birchbox, we love seeing the beautiful ways you reuse your boxes each month and get so excited once our Instagram fill up with your new and inventive ideas! Since we announced that, this month, the June Birchbox is actually a beautiful keepsake tin we’ve been eagerly awaiting all the creative ways that you will repurpose your tins. But, in the meantime, here’s a few ideas of our own…

Sweet treat stash

It wouldn’t be a proper tea party celebration without biscuits or cake to accompany our cuppa! The June birthday tin is the perfect place to store your home baking – or a cute addition to your picnic for transporting some macarons or mini sausage rolls. The quintessentially British pattern looks fabulous against a picnic blanket, making it ideal for an Instagram-worthy summer picnic, whilst the sturdy tin means it will be useful for years to come!

Memory box

We all have those special photographs, polaroid strips and concert tickets strewn around our homes, so why not use your June tin as a memory box for all your special keepsakes? The beautiful print makes it a gorgeous addition to your desk or dressing table, and housing all your favourite photographs and memories makes it all the more special!

Bathroom storage

If you’re short on bathroom storage, the June tin is ideal for keeping your cotton pads, tweezers and cotton buds all in one place. Not only does it jazz up a plain shelf or windowsill but keeping all of your miscellaneous bathroom items in one place will help your space feel tidier and calmer. The perfect environment for a relaxing soak in the tub!

We love to see how you reuse your monthly boxes, so be sure to tag us @BirchboxUK on Instagram and use the hashtag #BirchboxDIY to share how you’re upcycling your June tin!

– Charlotte Rollin