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How To: Your One Product Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is a classic make-up look that never goes out of style. If you’ve always steered clear for fear of not having the right tools, products, or techniques then think again! We’ve created this super easy one that you can try at home, using just one key product – Marcelle’s Waterproof Eyeliner.


1. Grab your kohl pencil – we’re partial to Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Charcoal which is less harsh than opting for jet black. Begin by drawing a fine line along the lash line from the inner-corner of the eye to the edge, flicking out at the end.
2. Add a second line directly parallel to the first.
3. Draw a curved line following the natural crease of the eyelid halfway across the lid.


4. Draw a second curved line below the crease.
5. Now comes the fun: blend the eyeliner with your ring finger –if you want, you can use a fluffy blending brush instead.


6. On the lower lid, run the kohl inside your waterline and under the lash line.
7. Gently blend again with your finger or a small stubby blending brush.
8. Add lashings of mascara to complete the look. And there you have it – easy peasy!

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