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How To: In Bloom Nail Art For Spring

Amelia is a beauty and lifestyle blogger with a penchant for polish. When she isn’t reviewing her favourite beauty products or vlogging about her adventures she’s painting her nails in beautiful and simple designs for everyone to try! She talked us through a simple floral manicure perfect for you to try for Spring…


You will need:

Step 1: Prepare

First prepare your nails. We like to use the Révérence de Bastien Unguent to give our cuticles a little love before gently pushing them back. File your nails to one length using long strokes of a glass file in one direction. Dehydrate the nail bed with a cotton pad soaked with nail polish remover and apply your base coat.


Step 2: Paint

Paint two coats of your dark colour to all of your nails except the ring finger and thumb. Here, apply two coats of your light pink polish and leave them to dry.


Step 3: Start The Design – The Branches

Next we’re going to ‘blob’ out some of the dark polish onto a piece of tin foil to stop it from drying out so quickly and paint our branches using the nail art brush. Start with a wavy line diagonally across your nail and paint smaller branches growing out of either side. If your nail art brush is thin enough you can paint some even smaller branches on those – be as creative as you like!


Step 4: Flowers

Now for the fun part! Take your dotting tool and paint small dots of pink polish at the end of your branches and in the corners. Next, do the same with the green to create your leaves.


Step 5: Clean up

Clean up your edges with a cotton bud dipped in polish remover and apply your top coat. Once dry, apply some TAAJ Crème Mains Delhicates Hand Cream to keep your hands looking as lovely as those new nails!

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