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How To: Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite With Cellu-cup

Cellulite. It’s a (not-so-pretty) pain in the… well, you know. We’re certainly not here to chastise – let’s face it, the majority of us suffer with it – instead, we suggest a customer favourite from Birchbox France that promises to help: Cellu-cup. Some of you will receive it in your March Birchbox, so here’s exactly how and why to use this cellulite-busting contraption:


Cellu-cup might look a bit odd, but it’s designed to mimic the benefits of traditional Chinese cupping and mirror the “pinch and roll” massage technique, which helps break down those pesky clusters of fat cells that form cellulite in the skin. This process releases the fat cells into the body and can be converted into energy. We’ve been using it once or twice a week with an oil (or over soapy wet skin!) to achieve the necessary slick texture for the method to work.

But how do you use it? Allow our GIF guide to show you, step by step!

cellu-cup-step1 cellu-cup-step2 Cellu-cup-step3 cellu-cup-step4 cellu-cup-step5 cellu-cup-step6

After a month of repeated use, you’ll notice a firmer and smoother texture to the skin – just in time for those warmer spring temperatures – read: when our floaty dresses are finally being dusted off. If you’re feeling particularly co-ordinated, you could even use a cup on each leg simultaneously!

Let us know how you get on with Cellu-cup – we can’t wait to hear what you think.

– Grace 

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  • Brianna Wignall

    Looking forward to this! I hope i get it in my march box xx