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How To: Get Nail Polish Out Of Your Clothes

If you’re even a tiny bit as impatient as we are then you’ve probably got nail polish on a few things other than your nails. Our previous slip-ups include the sink, our hair, keyboard and, of course, clothes. The good news is that there is hope! See below for some top tips for getting the stain out using things you’ve probably already got around the house:


Whatever you do, don’t immediately throw the nail-polish-stained item in to the washing machine. The process can actually make the stain worse and set the polish. Instead, if you notice the spill immediately then use a paper towel or absorbent cloth to gently blot the polish. Try not to rub the stain as this can grind it deeper in to the fabric.

If the polish has already dried then acetone polish remover is your best option. Pull the fabric across an empty bowl and drip nail polish remover over the stain allowing it to run through the garment and in to the bowl. If the item is brightly coloured, test a small corner first in case the nail polish strips the fabric of colour.

Finally, you could try using hair spray! Place a paper towel or cotton wool underneath the stain and then apply hair spray to the stain. Wait a few minutes and then brush with an old toothbrush. Whatever gets the polish out, be sure to wash straight after on a normal cycle. If all else fails, try your local dry cleaner as this method can be effective for removing nail varnish too. Good luck!

– Laura