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How To: Check Your Boobs

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so, in honour of this amazing cause, we’ve teamed up with CoppaFeel! for this month’s Birchbox. Education is at the heart of everything that CoppaFeel! do and we want to spread their message on the importance of getting to know your boobs throughout the month. To help, we’ve included anatomicals Grab Your Melons shower gel in every October box, along with a CoppaFeel! Shower Hijack sticker. Here’s exactly what you should be looking and feeling for when you lather up…



up in the shower with your full-size anatomicals Grab Your Melons Shower Gel (available in every October Birchbox). Once you’re all sudsy then get ready to do exactly what it says on the bottle! Coppin’ a feel of your boobs in the shower helps to make it part of your usual routine – and means you’ll soon know them like the back of your hand. Pop the Shower Hijack sticker up in the bathroom as a reminder to show your boobs some love on the regular.


– for swelling in your armpit or around your collar bone.
– for nipple inversion (turned in) and changes in direction.
– for a rash or crusting of the nipple or surrounding area.
– for a change in size and shape.
– for changes in skin texture e.g. puckering or dimpling.
– for nipple discharge.


– for lumps and thickening.
– constant pain in your breast or armpit.


your boobs at least once a month! By checking on a regular basis you’ll feel confident knowing what’s normal for you. Remember, breast tissue reaches all the way up to your collarbones and underneath your armpits so take your time checking the whole area. If you’re ever in doubt about anything then visit your doctor to put your mind at ease.

Want to get involved? Get your October Birchbox and receive a CoppaFeel! Shower Hijack sticker and full-size anatomicals Shower Gel for yourself.