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Day 5: The Gift Of Wrapping – 3 Easy, Genius Gift Wrapping Hacks

Once you clear the hurdle of finding the perfect present for everyone on your list, the next step — wrapping them up nicely — can be just as tricky. Use these handy wrapping hacks to impress the heck out of your gift recipients before they even tear it open.

Wrap Oddly-Shaped Presents in Fabric


If your gift is bulky or has rounded sides, a traditional fold, crease, and tape job won’t cut it. Instead, use a rectangular piece of festive fabric (we used a bright dinner napkin) to cover every angle:


1. Place your object in the centre of the fabric.
2. Pull opposite corners together and tie them, repeating the same with the remaining two corners.
3. Gather the corners together and tie them with a shiny piece of ribbon.
4. Adjust the fabric to cover any exposed corners.


Make a Gift Bag Out of Wrapping Paper


Craft a gift bag that matches your other presents by transforming a large rectangular piece of paper by using twine as handles and a colourful roll of Washi tape:


1. Take a sheet of paper folded in half lengthwise, then rotate it so that the open ends are at the bottom. Curl the edges in to fit one side into the other.
2. Secure from top to bottom with Washi tape.
3. Fold the bottom three inches of the bag towards the top, then press on the corners to create a hexagon shape.
4. Fold each edge toward the center of the bag, securing both edges with tape.
5. Poke holes with a pencil near the top of your bag.
6. Thread your twine through the holes, tying a knot at each end to create the handles.


Turn Your Scraps Into a Decorative Bow


When you’re working with gorgeous wrapping paper, you don’t want to waste an inch of it. Instead of throwing them away, turn those leftover scraps into a crafty matching bow:


1. Fold your scrap paper in half horizontally, then fold in half again.
2. With the open ends on the bottom, begin to cut small strips into your folds (don’t go all the way to the top).
3. Once you have some wrapping paper fringe, curl the strips with scissors to create curly q’s.
4. Starting at one edge of your paper, begin folding it inwards one inch at a time to create a bunch, then secure to your gift with tape. Adjust the bow to your desired volume then bask in the glow of compliments you’re soon to receive.


– Maura M. Lynch