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Art Attack: The Beginner’s Guide To Choosing Wall Art

For the vast majority of us, incorporating art into our homes is often an overlooked step in the decorating process. After all, when there’s storage, sofas, and saucepans to buy, who has time to think about what print would look best above the fireplace? Thankfully, JUNIQE is here to make things a little easier. It’s an incredible lifestyle brand and online destination for curated, affordable art – meaning that everyone can be an art collector. Here are our tips for getting started…



Collecting art is traditionally associated with big budgets and costly investments. And who has money to burn when we’ve got the monthly food shop and a Netflix subscription to pay for? JUNIQE, however, is the first lifestyle brand in the European affordable art market! Stocking premium posters from just £9.90 and framed prints from just £29.90, it provides a great way to start experimenting with different styles and sizes in your home – without burning a hole in your purse.


Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing your first print? JUNIQE is a place that’s bursting with inspiration! If you don’t know where to begin then, handily, they categorise their prints using themes. Love traveling? Check out artworks inspired by cities or architecture. Need something for your little one’s room? They’ve got a whole host of prints that are perfect for kids! Maybe you have a 1960s-style kitchen or you prefer to look to the past to inspire your style choices? You’ll love JUNIQE’s collection of retro and vintage prints. Plus, be sure to follow JUNIQE on Instagram and Pinterest for styling inspiration.



JUNIQE collaborates with more than 600 international artists – so you’ll be able to create an eclectic collection of art that draws inspiration from around the world, with one click of a button. Plus, everything stocked on the website has been carefully curated by the JUNIQE team so you can rest assured that you’ve got the pick of the best prints out there! Not only that but, when you find a print that you love, you’ll find a lowdown on the artist who made it on the page – so you’ll feel like you know exactly where your art is coming from.

Feeling inspired? Visit JUNIQE for a new way to experience art, alongside home accessories, stationery, and gifts.