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How To Apply Benefit They’re Real! Double the Lip

Inside every March Birchbox you’ll find the newest addition to Benefit’s They’re Real! family – Double the Lip. (Psst.. get your box today so you don’t miss out!) A 2-in-1 liner and lipstick, this deluxe sample will simultaneously define your lip line and fill your lips with colour – thanks to its innovative two-tone teardrop tip. Want to know exactly how to use it? It’s time to break it down…




Start by placing the lipstick in the centre of your top lip, with the teardrop facing upwards. Glide the lipstick along your lip, from the centre outwards. The shape of the tip helps to hug the natural shape of your mouth from the inside out – saturating your lips in longwear, semi-matte colour.



Flip the lipstick upside down! The liner part of the product sits in the tip of the teardrop, so you need to flip it downwards to be able to line your bottom lip.



Again, start from the centre of your bottom lip and glide the lipstick outwards. The teardrop applicator adds volume and dimension to your lips to create a fuller-looking pout. Press your lips together and you’re good to go. Mwah!

Don’t forget, every subscriber will receive a deluxe sample of Benefit They’re Real! Double the Lip inside their March Birchbox. (Yay!) Get your box today so you don’t miss out!