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6 Ways to Apply Eyeliner For Beginners and Pros

Eyeliner can seem a little scary. Or, at the very least, it’s a bit intimidating for someone who has never played around successfully with it before. However, the ModelCo® EYE DEFINE Crayon Liner is about to change all that! Some of you might have received this versatile make-up treat in your April Birchbox. The twist-up crayon is a cinch for even the shakiest of hands to use – and the water-resistant formula glides on with ease. For application inspiration, make-up artist Nathaniel Yordan showed us six ways to experiment with liner. (Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or a total pro!)



The Tightline (left)
WHAT: “The perfect no-make-up make-up look. It gives you a full lash look and opens and defines the eyes without the heavy intensity you’d typically see with a liner.”
HOW: The key is all in the positioning of the crayon as you apply. Instead of only using the very end of the tip, situate the liner so that the entire nib is parallel to your lash line. “Practice makes perfect,” say Yordan, “but I would suggest doing small strokes on an angle, always pulling from the inside out, to give you better control.”

The Kitten (middle)
WHAT: “The kitten is more extended and thicker than the tight line. It’s subtle enough to create the lift without having to worry about a dramatic difference. What’s more, it’s not going to be too noticeable if it’s slightly off.”
HOW: It’s all in the wrist. To get that soft little flick at the end of the eyes, Yordan recommends using your lower lash line as a guide. “Think about drawing a line up that would be a continuation of your lower waterline. Once you get as far you’d like the look to extend, go back from that point towards the direction of your inner corner to create a small triangle.”

The True Cat (right)
WHAT: “This is a lot heavier and thicker than the kitten, but still has the same personality.”
HOW: Start with a kitten eye as a base, then add to the line’s length and thickness. “I always recommend starting small,” says Yordan. “It’s easier to build up than take off.”


The Bold (left)
WHAT: “This look is thicker on the corners. It really pulls out the eye and creates an almond shape.”
HOW: “The trick to creating this exaggerated cat eye is applying the liner with your eyes open in order to control the shape,” says Yordan. “Outline with dots where you want the liner to go and make sure that you don’t cover the whole lid in black – you should still be able to see a sliver of skin when you look in the mirror.”

The Dramatic (middle)
WHAT: “This is a really great look for people with glasses because your eye make-up doesn’t show as much. It’s also a fun going out look, especially because you don’t have to worry about shadow.”
HOW: Basically, you cover the whole lower half of your upper lid in liner. “The wing doesn’t need to extend out any further,” Yordan points out. “Just make it thicker.”

The Cleopatra (right)
WHAT: “This look is not for the faint of heart! Since it’s so heavy on the eyes, pair it with a lighter lip.”
HOW: This extra-dark look builds on the previous “dramatic” style with the addition of liner along the lower lash line. “I connected both sets of corners to really amplify the drama and make it a fully-rimmed look,” says Yordan. “Even though it’s intense close up, from far away or in photos, it’s just perfect.”

Get the ModelCo® Eye Define Crayon Liner here and try these looks for yourself!