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4 Easy Date Night Hairstyles

Whatever you think about V-Day (love it/hate it/don’t give two hoots about it) there’s no ignoring that it’s on the horizon. So, in honour of the slushiest day of the year we thought we’d share our favourite date night hair looks with you! All of them are beautiful, great for all different hair types and lengths, and oh-so-simple to recreate. So whether you’re heading out with friends, significant others, or indulging in some me-time, we think we’ve got your hair game covered.




Glamorous Hollywood waves can look just as good in real life as as they do on the red carpet. And the best part? They’re surprisingly easy to recreate. All it takes is some hairspray, hair pins, and a little curling wand know-how!

1. Separate the top section of hair and pin up. (This doesn’t need to be perfect.)
2. Take your first section of hair and mist with a heat protectant like SHOW Beauty Sheer Thermal Protect.
3. Hold a 1-inch curing iron or wand vertically, then wrap a large section of hair from the heavier side of your part away from your face to create your first curl. Repeat around your head, creating all of the curls in the same direction.
4. Mist with a flexible hold hairspray (the SHOW Beauty Mini Premiere Finishing Spray is small enough to keep in your handbag for touch-ups!) in order to keep the wave in place as it cools.
5. Part the top section of your hair to the side and repeat the same steps.
6. Use a flat brush to gently brush out your waves, starting from the root from the end, to create the wave pattern. If your hair tends to use its curl, use your fingers. (Need more volume? Use a teasing brush to backcomb sections of hair close to the roots.)
7. Smooth hair with an oil or serum to create softness and shine.
8. Finish by pinning back one side of your part with a couple of hair pins.



We love how effortless (and cool!) a messy bun can look, whether it’s dressed up with a bold lip for drinks at a fancy bar or dressed down with jeans for a trip to the cinema. Try it the next time you’re feeling bored with your go-to ponytail.

1. Add some texture to your hair with the SHOW Beauty Premiere Dry Shampoo.
2. Gather your hair into a ponytail and twist it into a rope.
3. Coil your twisted hair into a bun.
4. Secure with a hair band.
5. Pull on your hair to adjust the shape.
6. Use hair pins to tuck in loose ends.



Braiding short hair can be a challenge – except when you’re following this easy tutorial! It works well on chin-length bob with the help of adding some grip with a texturiser, or dry shampoo. Oh, and it works on longer lengths too!

1. Brush through hair to remove any tangles.
2. Add a texturiser or a dry shampoo to your roots for grip.
3. Take a front section of hair and separate into three pieces.
4. Begin by doing a regular plait for one turn
5. Add more hair to the top section, crossing over the middle section, then drop the bottom section of your braid.
6. Pick up a new piece of hair next to this at the bottom, then cross it over the middle, and repeat. (The top section will become your braid, the dropped bottom sections will become the ‘waterfall’.)
7. Continue until you reach the back of your head then secure with hair pins.



Already mastered the regular fishtail braid? Try the reverse version! A reverse fishtail braid is an easy way to add a new braid into your hairstyling routine without having to completely re-learn a lot of complicated steps. If you’re already familiar with the technique for creating a regular fishtail braid this will be breeze: instead of crossing small sections of hair over to meet the other side, simply cross them under.

1.Pull hair into a low pontytail and secure with a clear elastic.
2. Split hair into two sections.
3. Take a small piece from the outside of one section, and cross under into the inside of the opposite section.
4. Repeat on the other side.
5. Continue all the way down.
6. Tie off at the end with a clear elastic.
7. For a full style, gentle pull the braid outward.
8. Finish with a spritz of SHOW Beauty Premiere Finishing Spray to keep your hair in place, while adding shine!