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Your Summer Skincare Swaps

In winter we’re all about layering rich face creams over hydration-boosting serums, and love taking the time to indulge in a full-on skincare routine. As soon as summer arrives? Let’s keep it real – it’s too hot and humid to be meddling with a whole cabinet of bottles and jars. We want to keep our routine pared-back and simple, but without compromising on results! The fix? A few seasonal swaps that you can make this summer to keep your skincare routine feeling easy breezy…


SWAP: Your Cream Cleanser
FOR: A Cleansing Water
Don’t be fooled – it’s not just rich, cream cleansers that give your skin a deep-down clean, a cleansing water can do just as well! Balance Me’s new Flash Cleanse Micellar Water cleanses skin, removes make-up, soothes redness, and fights signs of ageing thanks to it’s innovative blend of pure essential oils. Best of all? There’s not even any rinsing required so you’ll save time too!

SWAP: Layering Multiple Products
FOR: One, Supercharged, Skincare Booster
Forget what you know about cleansing, toning, moisturising, serum-ing and whatever else you normally layer up with during winter time. Summer is the perfect time to get back to basics and refresh your skin after cleansing with a does-it-all wonder product. Balance Me’s Radiance Face Oil not only hydrates and nourishes your complexion but the 100% natural formula also adds lustre and works to combat unwanted toxins lurking beneath the surface of your skin.

SWAP: Your Heavy-Duty Lotions
FOR: A Speedy Face Mask
Who’s got time to be sitting around for hours during sunshine season? Not us! Instead, forgo lengthy treatments in favour of this 10-minute fix from Balance Me – their Radiance Face Mask. Formulated with kaolin clay, fruit acids, and ground walnut shells, it restores radiance, calms, and brightens in no time.

SWAP: Your Eye Cream And Concealer
FOR: A 2-In-1 Wonder
If you’ve spent a lot of time flitting from pub garden to BBQ, soaking up those fabulous rays and generally having a great time, then chances are your eyes are looking a little tired. Enter: Balance Me’s Tinted Wonder Eye Cream. It delivers a potent blend of cucumber seed and rosehip oils to soothe and hydrate delicate peppers while a universal, light-reflecting, pigment conceals dark circles to hide any evidence of a late night.