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No Washing Required: 4 Styles, 1 Dry Shampoo

We know you’re busy (who isn’t, right?) but when it comes to hair styling, we’ve found a shortcut – Philip Kingsley’s One More Day Dry Shampoo. Some of our subscribers will have the chance to try it for themselves this month (psst.. get your Scuba Birchbag now if you haven’t signed up yet!) so we thought we’d get to the root of this awesome haircare must-have…


So, how exactly does it work? Think of this dry shampoo as your secret weapon to second day freshness, with no washing required. The lightweight spray absorbs natural oils and grease, without leaving behind any pesky white residue, and it’s packed with soothing ingredients to cleanse your scalp at the same time. Even better? It also doubles up as a great texturising spray – adding life to lacklustre locks, and adding hold to limp strands. All you need to do is give it a shake, spray it onto your hair at the roots, and brush it through using a brush or your fingers for an instant refresh. Sorted? Now here are some of the styles you could create for second, third, and even fourth day hair (yep, really!).


Okay, this one’s simple. It might be the first day you’ve washed your hair and, if you’re anything like us, your squeaky-clean locks have fallen a little flat. Add an instant volume boost by lifting your hair up in layers and spritzing a small amount of the dry shampoo into your roots, then massage it in with your fingertips. The result is a slightly dishevelled, super-relaxed, down ‘do that couldn’t be more simple.


When it comes to second day hair you can’t go wrong with a classic ponytail – but why not make this go-to style a little more interesting? Start by spritzing the dry shampoo directly onto your roots, to add some grit, then take two small sections of your hair – a little way along your parting on each side – and braid them into a classic three-strand plait. Secure with clear elastics, if needed, then tie your hair back in a low ponytail towards the nape of your neck. If you like a messy look then pull gently at the hair on the crown of your head to create a more volumised, laidback looking ponytail.


IMG_8534 (1)
You’ll notice that easy is the theme when it comes to these hairstyles. After all, who has time to be messing around with hot tools and accessories when it’s 7.30am and you need to be out the door in 10? A ballerina bun is totally timeless, keeps your hair off of your face all day, and takes you from day to night. If it’s day 3 then it’s likely that those roots are starting to get a little greasy now – so be generous with Philip Kingsley’s dry shampoo! Spray a light mist all over your hair, then lift up at the roots in sections to target any oily areas near the roots before coming out using your brush. Next, brush your hair up into a super-high ponytail, smoothing out your hair as you go. Once you’ve gathered it all up, keep twisting the ponytail – coiling it into a bun – then secure is using a hair band or bobby pins.


IMG_8520 (1)
Finally, the hairstyle that hides all dirty hair days in style – the milkmaid braids! This style looks way fancier than it is and, by pinning your braids on top of your scalp, it’s the perfect way to hide the fact that you’ve avoided washing it for a few days! Focus your dry shampoo at the front of your hair (as you’ll be pulling some strands out to frame your face) and on the crown of your head to add volume (and because the braids won’t hide this part of your hair!). Massage it in with your fingertips then split your hair into two sections, down the middle, and braid your hair into two classic 3-strand plaits. Secure with hair elastics then pull each braid over onto the top of your head, overlapping them it they’re long enough, and pin in place using bobby pins.

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