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We Asked, You Answered: YOUR Best Skincare Tips!

Last Friday, we asked you for your best skincare tips on Twitter, so you could have a chance of winning a gorgeous Elemental Herbology skincare hamper. The response was so great that we rounded up a few of our favourites –look out for yours below:


@Ms_Scatty Nourish your skin on the inside AND the outside. A good skincare regime works in harmony with a good diet.

@Makeup_Magpie Sleeping on a satin pillowcase prevents tugging of delicate eye area to reduce chance of wrinkles.

@HellsBells_  Don’t forget to moisturise the neck & decollete as it dehydrates and it’s a tell-tale age give away!

@sweetheart Crush almonds & add tea tree oil to make a great exfoliation scrub for oily/combination skin. 

@mrs_meep Enough water, enough sleep, and good quality natural products. Quality definitely beats quantity with face care.

@Glamgranny Give your skin a complete rest from make up occasionally but always moisturise.

@Rachel1383 Use lemon juice and honey to eradicate blackheads. 

@Amazeballs7 No matter how tired you are, always remove your make up before you go to bed.

@MadameWeiss Steer clear of products with SLS, parabens & perfume, esp if skin is sensitive.

@SkinnerLola Avoid refined sugary foods, caffeine and eat foods high in essential fatty acids to help promote beautiful skin.

@alicomps My skincare tip is adapt your daily skincare to suit the day’s weather, just as you would your outerwear!

@not_the_gumdrop Wear sunscreen all year round and your skin will thank you for it. Prevention is better than cure. 

@MariaDavis30 Tea Tree oil on spots does the job! Eliminates them and keeps your skin fresh. 

@Heavenlyink I know it sounds boring, but try to get a good night’s sleep. It’s called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason!

@HollyLeFitz4  I steam my face over a bowl of boiling water every week to give my skin a radiant, healthy glow!

We couldn’t include them all here, but thanks to everyone who entered!

Do any others spring to mind? Let us know in the comments below.

– Grace






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