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The Week in Blog Posts #17

It’s almost the weekend JolieStas, hurray! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing this bank holiday weekend, be sure to squeeze our top 3 blog posts into your day! Three of our top blog posts for this week are:

  • Shirely from meek-n-mild brought us ‘Summer Make-up: Orange Hues’ this week. Squeezing every last drop out of the British summer, blogging beauty Shirely has brought us a fresh and wearable way to introduce orange to our make-up palette: yes, ORANGE! We were so excited to see a vibrant orange being added to her flawless base. This tutorial is great for how to achieve a great base as well as how to make orange wearable. Shirley you make-up genius, we salute you!
  • This week has brought us an absolute corker of a brand new blog: BFB. BFB stands for ‘Beauty Flash Blog’ and has been brought to us by the 4 granddaughters of the founder of Clarins no less! These 4 sisters  – business savvy – are the epitome of chic have created their blog to share their tips, tricks and experience with us. We are thrilled! Their first blog post introduces us to the 4 sisters, and my oh my do these ladies have taste. We’re so excited to see what comes next!
  • Blog number 3 helps us when we’re in a ‘spot’ of bother. Titled ‘How To: Conceal A Blemish’, Kate from Gh0stParties brings us a comprehensive guide how to conceal blemishes without piling on the slap. Kate runs through a simple, easy to follow step-by-step guide how to hide any nasties. We loved this blog because it gives us lots variations to suit our natural make-up routine, and discourages us from adding excessive amounts of make-up!

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