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The Nicely Natural Suits-All Shimmery Shadow

We know you love natural products, so we’re super excited to introduce you to Alima Pure. Staffers Aleks and Joyce have been wearing gorgeous (fairy) dust Chai – one of the Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadows sampled in December’s box – and were seriously impressed by the versatility of this suits-all festive shade. Here’s some background on the brand’s conception with must-know tips on how to get to grips with mineral make-up:

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Founder Kate O’Brien was inspired by her daughter – at the age of 14, she wanted to start wearing make-up, but O’Brien worried about the effects of applying some of the rougher ingredients in some cosmetics to her delicate skin. Kate’s incredibly pure formulas prove that the natural route is by no means inferior, with a collection of gorgeous pigments for everyone.

Many so-called mineral products contain bismuth oxychloride, a pore-clogging additive, along with a host of iffy preservatives and dyes, but Alima Pure’s all-natural formulas use skin-safe ingredients like mica and iron oxide so you can wear it day in and day out without worrying.

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The loose powders let you create a range of looks, from subtle washes of colour over the entire lid when used with a big fluffy brush (as modelled by Aleks and Joyce) to a liner effect when used with a dampened fine or angled brush. Shake the jar slightly to release a dose of pigment and pack on with a brush or finger. You can apply the powder into the inner corner eye to cheat a wide-eyed look – a necessary trick for the morning after Xmas parties!

If you’re a bold lip kinda girl, this neutral shimmer is a great way of adding some festive sparkle without drawing attention away from the main event.

Over to US Editor Lorelei who has 5 great tips for applying mineral make-up:

– Grace

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