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The French Secret To Flawless Foundation

How does one score Clémence Poésy’s perfected skin? By using this simple trick stolen by the always chic French femmes who have been returning to pharmacie classic Embyrolisse for years. Here’s why this cult favourite is destined to be your foundation’s new BFF. 


You’ve picked out the perfect evening outfit, coiffed the hair and masterfully painted on your cat eye. But no matter what you try, your foundation is streaky, your pores seem overly large and you can’t get rid of the splotchy redness all over your face. Your first inclination might be to pile on even more foundation, but cease and desist! We found a multi-tasking savior that wipes out those make-up blunders without adding extra steps to your routine.

Make-up primers are the key to keeping oil at bay, masking wrinkles, camouflaging discolouration and creating an even base for your foundation. Instead of reaching for just a primer, try a dual-purpose formula like French brand Embryolisse’s Lait-Crème Concentre. This cult favourite velvety moisturiser doubles as a primer, meaning you can hydrate and prime in a single step.

French women have been turning to this classic for years. The concentrated formula absorbs quickly and features two of our favourite ingredients: aloe vera and shea butter. Aloe’s healing and moisturising properties help calm redness and soothe irritation, which makes Lait-Crème ideal for even the most sensitive skin — and when you add on ultra-hydrating shea butter, stubborn dry patches finally take on a silky finish. We’ve already added it to our spring skincare regimens to achieve fresh-faced, dewy glows.

Le sigh. Leave it to the always chic femmes Françaises to stumble upon a skin-perfecting primer. We’re just glad they’re happy to share.