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Sweet Tooth: 3 Recipes Inspired By Baija

If there ever was a month that was made for indulgence, it has to be December – and we reckon that extends to everything from your beauty products to your kitchen adventures. Inspired by the mouthwatering ingredients inside the Baija Caramelised Honey Body Scrub – a lusciously exfoliating blend of sugar and honey that smells like caramel – we decided to round up three of the sweetest recipes that we’ll be trying this winter.




Honey is a naturally antiseptic ingredient, making it a soothing addition to any of your skin or bodycare products. By including it in their skin-sloughing exfoliator, Baija make sure that your skin still feels soft and pampered after all that scrubbing. So, now that your skin is taken care of, how about your tummy?! Melissa at The Faux Martha describes this Honey Bundt Cake as a ‘warm hospitable hug’. We think that the sweet honey frosting and gently spiced sponge will be the perfect accompaniment to cosy winter afternoons – and it looks pretty impressive too!



You don’t have to use harsh chemicals and strange ingredients in the battle against winter skin. In fact, you’ll find a common store cupboard ingredient doing the hard work inside Baija’s Caramelised Honey Body Scrub – sugar! Sugar is an incredible natural exfoliator thanks to its gritty texture. Just a small scoop will help to work away dead skin cells and leave your skin glowing. Keen to inject an added dose of sweetness into every element of the winter season, we’ll be whipping up a big batch of Joy The Baker‘s Brown Sugar Roasted Fig Oatmeal for chilly mornings. The mix of oven roasted figs, sprinkled with the sweet stuff, and creamy porridge is a serious brekkie upgrade.



Finally, while caramel isn’t technically an ingredient in this Baija scrub – its name certainly doesn’t disappoint. This stuff smells exactly like warming, sweet, comforting caramel – and it will have your mouth watering in the shower! Once it’s washed off and you’re smelling good enough to eat, what could be better than tucking into 1 (or 3) of these delicious Salted Caramel Brownies by Jamie Oliver? Golden syrup, dark chocolate, double cream, and vanilla. Need we say more?!

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