Save Time In The Morning: How To Rock Your AM Routine

The Bank Holiday weekend has been glorious, but it’s back to work tomorrow and the morning is going to be tough. Do you have a bad habit of hitting snooze and then running around the house like a headless chicken trying to get ready on time? Us too. But these tips will help you feel a little more organised – in fact, you may even end up with an extra five minutes of sleep…

Anne Hathaway sussed her AM routine in The Devil Wears Prada

WHAT TO WEAR: 10 minutes of evening prep can save lots of running around in the AM! Plan what you’re going to wear the night before – clothing, shoes and accessories. Getting dressed without any thought will save a surprising amount of time. Remember to check a weather app first so you’re not dressing for sunny days and surprised by a downpour!

CITRUS SUNSHINE: Use zingy fresh products to like Weleda’s Citrus Cream Bodywash to help you wake up, wash your face in the shower as you go with a foaming cleanser. Don’t waste precious moments by leaning around against the tiles – wash and go!

HAIR CHEATS: Wash your hair every other day to save time – on the second day, use a little dry shampoo or style it in a half-up ‘do. Still want to do it every day? Washing and drying your hair the night before can save you a lot of precious sleep time in the morning.

BARE-FACED CHIC: Which make-up products would you never leave the house without? Prioritise the most important ones (we vote concealer, eyeliner and mascara) and apply the bare minimum. Need more? A slick of bright lipstick on your way out will always make you look like you’ve put in more effort than you actually have. All your must-haves will be in your make-up bag for later anyway.

GRAB & GO: Put a pretty bowl (or a Birchbox!) in the hall next to your front door and put in things you need every day – keys, travel cards and notes about anything out of the ordinary you need to remember. That way you won’t be going through coat pockets and your handbag trying to find your keys first thing – they’ll always be in that space.

– Laura Street

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