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How To: Protect Your Skin From Pollution

City living can be stressful – long commutes, hustle and bustle, and a distinct lack of fresh air. And it’s not just our wellbeing that feels the affects. Air pollution – especially tiny particles that can work their way into pores – can prematurely age your skin, inflame acne, and cause a dull-looking complexion. But, there is hope. We’ve discovered the key to protecting your skin from soot and smog, with a little help from our friends at Marcelle


Dirt, smog and pollution particles can build up in pores after a long day outside. Proper cleansing gives skin a chance to breathe in the oxygen that it needs to keep a youthful glow. Use a water-based option like Marcelle Gentle Make Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes, to gently dissolve dirt and grime, and deliver a dose of skin-enriching green tea and cucumber. Follow-up with a replenishing clay mask to gently pull oil and dirt from skin.


Use a rejuvenating moisturiser to improve skin’s defence against pollution and outside elements. The Marcelle CITY 24H Anti-Pollution Day & Night Moisturizing Emulsion uses a special CityGuard complex that acts like a shield between your skin and environmental stressors while also providing long-lasting hydration and visibly brightening skin. Beyond that, it also repairs skin damage caused by pollution for a fresh, healthy complexion. (Bonus: there’s one inside every September Birchbox for you to try!)


Free-radicals, those pesky floating electrons that cause tissue damage like wrinkles and fine lines by hindering collagen production and preventing oxygen from reaching skin cells, are common in polluted environments. Purify pores and brighten drab skin by buffing away dead skin cells with an exfoliant then apply a hardworking serum like Marcelle New∙Age Precision 8-in-1 Power Serum to strengthen and repair skin before your moisturiser.

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