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Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer: My Go-To Product For Weak Damaged Hair

A summer of fun in the sun and sea can leave hair feeling drab, dry and weak. Senior editorial manager Beth turns to Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer when the going gets tough and she needs fast results:

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

A few years ago I was searching for something to strengthen my damaged, coloured hair – my strands were getting weaker and their glossy shine had pretty much disappeared. I’d heard and read a lot about Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer – a celeb and hairstylist favourite – so I picked up a tub. The name reflects what it brings back to your locks – healthy hair stretches when wet and returns to its originial length when dry, but damaged hair in poor condition often snaps.

Originally I thought it was a deep conditioning hair mask to apply after shampooing, so I was surprised to read the instructions that detail you use it pre-shampoo. That night, I dampened my hair and applied the mask, being particularly careful to coat the mid-lengths and ends, working it into my locks before leaving it on for 20 minutes and then shampooing and conditioning as normal.

After just one use, my hair was stronger and more supple. If your hair’s particularly damaged, you can dampen hair and leave the treatment on overnight for an intensive shot of moisture. When I find a product that fits me this well, I don’t stop using it. Ever since then, I’ve used it as a regular treatment, so I’m elated that it’s one of the products in your August Birchbox.

– Beth