No Summer Make-Up Meltdowns: 5 Ways to Make Your Look Last All Day

There’s a lot to love about summer (read: longer days and lighter layers) — but melty make-up isn’t one of them. While we know most warm weather beauty looks don’t call for a major make-up situation, the times you do take the extra step to even out your skin tone or apply a few swipes of mascara, you want to make it last. That’s why our lovely friends over in Birchbox USA turned to celebrity make-up artist Allan Avendaño for advice on how to stretch the life of your make-up look during summer – and luckily it’s way easier than you think!


Make Time to Prime

Don’t head straight for your base; instead start off your make-up look with a face primer. Primer acts as a protective barrier and gives any complexion product something to adhere to. “When choosing a primer, skip thick, oil-based formulas, and opt for a version with a lightweight gel consistency, like Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Foundation Primer. It’ll amp up your base’s longevity without feeling heavy on the skin,” says Avendaño. If your complexion is on the dry side, Avendaño suggests applying a light layer of the primer over your moisturiser, but if your skin gets greasy, skip moisturiser, and use it on its own under a base of your choice.

Lighten Up Your Base

Swap your heavier foundations and powders (which tend to complement skin better in the colder months) with lighter formulas like tinted moisturisers, water- and gel-based foundations, or BB and CC creams. “Using a lightweight base prevents a cakey appearance during the warmer weather. Thicker formulas can turn streaky, and melt off when mixed with excess sweat and natural oils,” says Avendaño. To thin out your base and make it more long-wearing, he recommends using a dampened make-up sponge, like the ecoTOOLS Total Perfecting Blender, which blends product into the skin, rather than letting it just sit on the surface. For a do-it-all formula, we love the Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35, which leaves skin looking even, while covering imperfections and protecting skin from the sun’s beaming strong rays.

Opt for Liquid or Cream Blush

To give your cheeks a sweet summer flush that won’t disappear within minutes, choose liquids or creams, like Benefit Chachatint. The water-like texture blends seamlessly into the skin with minimal effort, and doesn’t appear streaky or uneven on the cheeks as day turns to night. “To apply, take a tiny amount onto your ring finger and dab in a circular motion moving upwards towards your temples,” says Avendaño. “The emollient texture adheres to the skin becoming one with your complexion, and the peachy hue flatters a wide variety of skin tones.”

For even more staying power, he suggests sweeping a light layer of translucent powder, like Lord & Berry Pressed Powder, on top of the liquid or cream blush to set it in place. This keeps the blush right where you applied it without altering its dewiness or the colour. Basically, your cheeks will stay rosy and radiant from your early morning iced coffee to your refreshing post-work rosé.

Stick to Water-Resistant or Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascaras are a must for rocking voluminous, lengthened lashes in the sweltering summer heat. Otherwise, “excess sweat and oils around your eye area can cause regular mascaras to turn into a smudgy mess,” says Avendaño. We like the Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara, which keeps lashes defined sans smearing or clumping thanks to its water-resistant, sweatproof formula.

In addition to reaching for the right formula, you can improve the way you apply it, too: “Apply one coat, then wipe the excess formula off into the tube with a make-up remover wipe (or use a clean, disposable wand) before your second coat,” says Avendaño. This helps prevent clumping, plus it won’t weigh down your lashes so they’re as fluttery as possible, making for a long-lasting look.

Keep It Fresh

Like a topcoat for your nails, spritzing your complexion with a setting spray not only ensures your make-up doesn’t budge, but gives it new life throughout the day. As an extra insurance policy, mist a light layer over your skin after you’ve finished your make-up application to keep everything you’ve applied in place. We love Caudalie Beauty Elixir for its hydrating formula that leaves a radiant finish.

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